Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights -

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Lamar just happens to lead the NFL in yards per catch & yards per carry!! Unanimous MVP 1 of 2. He has led the NFL in PASSING touchdowns, while being a thousand yard rusher, WHAT?..this alone is just unfathomable? He had the best start to any qb ever first to 35 wins under 24 years old. He accounted for 500 of ravens 550 yards against the colts. He has highest completion percent with over 40 passes & also 400 yards, endless Qb rushing records..Its goes on forever. All passing & records he breaks this is crazy people..a Heisman winner & he still learning the position.

    Listen Lamar is so gifted he knows how to take a hit so he doesn't get hurt..He's been doing this since he was a kid.
    Not to mention his undeiable love of the game and leadership, character. Not to mention, horrible wide receivers. This year zero running backs, offensive line missing best players. The Ravens are a run first, stuffing defense, control the clock team. He doesn't have to throw the ball alot. The Ravens a riddled with injury's. Do this to any other team and see how they do. He's elite beyond comprehension. He's just moving at a different speed. All 31 other teams should be ashamed of themselves..he's the best quarterback in the league. Ask yourselves..if he's the best quarterback/player on the field every Sunday, what does that make him? It's like people have amnesia they seem to forget all the mind boggling things he's done over the years..
    hes is like a Miles Davis song.. his improvisational skills are just faster. He's playing in the 64th notes, high speed all the time. very difficult to keep up with. He's a musician. A know…a master. Jazz is about improv & so is football. When you have a guy riffing. It's incomprehensible to deal with. football genius. A savant like human..the telsas, the Beethovens, Einsteins. There is no metaphor for Lamar. Don't even look at the stats, watch the game. But yet you can..& yet still most hated
    Hed done redefined lol the laws of nature. look, He's throwing the ball longer distances..more accurately, while taking the least time in the pocket. & without getting sacked at a higher rate. What!!??! Think about it.
    No doesn't matter who's around him. Or who's he's handing the ball to. Nowhere ever are you supposed to get a greater distance of the ball throwing it..& it gets more accurate. & your not taking more time to do it. & y'all not getting to me either. He's recalculated the situation and he will come out on top no matter what you throw at him. & Even more so what is hindering him from injuries on his team

    Everyone just stop hating, enjoy this. Be thankful your alive to witness this man play..he might be the greatest player to ever play the game. This comes around every 100 years. It amazing. This is not just any player has this..think about all the magical prime time wins. When he plays you feel your watching something special in life. The feeling the Ravens team has. He really is superman. The criticism he gets every game is blasphemous..No other oq goes through this. This imaginary bar that everyone sets on him. I realize now it like that because your eyes see something unimaginable happening. He's been playing like think he's just getting started.

  2. Ok lamar told us that he would have a HUGE season, so far he has lived up to it. MVP??

  3. Andrew's got some mitts for a big man bruh.

  4. Damn both of Jones legs got messed up at the end

  5. What’s up with all these ads NFL don’t you guys make enough money

  6. I wish the 49ers took mac Jones instead of trey lance 🙁

  7. I need my chicken nuggets to feed chicken 🍗

  8. Everytime I see Mac Jones play I just think about those 3 1st rounder SF spent on Trey Lance when Mac was born to play in Shanahan's offense. Un real.

  9. Kendrick Bourne would’ve been cut for that effort

  10. Love seeing Patriots lose. Bella cheats dynasty is over.

  11. Kudos on Mac Jones for making big plays, so unfortunate he didn't have productive WRs

  12. The highlights didn’t even clarify that Stevenson’s knee was down, come on NFL. That’s embarassing and confusing

  13. Lamar has an advantage in this age of the NFL, knowing that defenders are too afraid of a penalty to really attack his run.

  14. 9:40 not that is matters that much, but his knee was down due to contact before the toss.

  15. He beat micheal Vicks record in this game 5 tds 100 yards rushing

  16. Джексон в этот раз был неудержим…!))


    Matthew 11:29
    Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

  18. 1 thing I like about Mac jones he's deadly accurate

  19. Lamar Jackson is painting 🖼 Picasso’s while the other kids are finger painting horses 🐴.

  20. I became a Ravens fan simply because of LJ. He will go down in the Hall of Fame for sure. I've been following since his college days. It's incredible watching the progression he's made from his first season with the Ravens in the NFL. He was mostly running the ball with some clutch throws in his first season. And now he's developing into a league leading passer. He's finally fine tuning his passing to become a consistent elite NFL passer. One of the best, if not THE best quarterback in the league right now. The Jackson/Andrews duo is beautiful to watch. Not bad for a running back, huh :). And props to the Ravens offensive line. They're giving LJ enough time to make his reads or use his excellent scrambling ability to make a play. If the defense can step it up, and LJ can build a little more confidence in his down range receivers, this team can be Super Bowl worthy. I really want LJ to fulfill his promise to the Ravens that they're going to win at least one Super Bowl with him.

  21. andrews is a top 3 te he bail out Lamar so much lol

  22. I remember folks foot was injured I always knew him as the cowboy kicker who missed every kick but I didn't know that at the time. Cool to see he's on a streak here 🤘

  23. 9:18 blatant hold on Oweh that wasn't called and would of been turnover on downs 🤦

  24. Just a reminder that the Patriots had TWO chances to draft Lamar but didn't. How's Mac working out for you guys?😂 Everyone understimated Lamar. Now he's making them pay!

  25. Lamar looks great but him running this much scares me because he shouldn't have to do all that running, it is a good way to get hurt

  26. The Pats are running the ball good this season, Stevenson is averaging seven Yards a carry the pats just still making Turnovers, Good Job Ravens getting the Win.

  27. How Humphrey runs when he gets the pick at 10:35 is just hilarious 🤣. Kills me every time 😂😂🤣🤣

  28. Just don’t hit the same without the 🐐 huh bill? 🤭😂😂

  29. This Mac Jones shuda ran extra laps for throwin them picks

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