BANNED Celebrations In Football -

BANNED Celebrations In Football

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One player’s celebration.. Sparked a worldwide controversy! Another’s was illegal!
These are football’s banned celebrations..

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  1. The ronaldo one simeone actually did that celebration so ronaldo wanted to get sum revenge so what's why he did that

  2. Lol Kamara's celebration is funny

  3. 5:59 I met that footballer. He had very good potential but wasted his talent. Used to be a lethal striker for the Colombian national team. 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  4. I before you saying what athiens one was bad,I knew that was the same kind of salute in nazi party in was a sign to respect hitlier

  5. Paddy power everyone bets him on every game now

  6. I like how he goes to next player he has some big brain

  7. Im sorry i didnt hear want u saied 44K THOUSAND DOLLASR WHAT?????? 5:01

  8. Çřįßþįæñœ Řœñæľďo Ďœß ßæñþœß Ævəřįœ

  9. The solute that he did was from hittler

  10. Right so how was Gareth bale insulting an entire country

  11. I remember when Ronaldo done that once and the other footballer GOT SUSPENDED FOR LIFE

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