Bears vs. Steelers Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Bears vs. Steelers Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. The California drought is over thanks to all the crying Bears fans.

  2. The call on marsh for taunting was complete bs the refs and some these rules I swear are set to take all the emotions and fun out of football it’s crazy

  3. Home cookin at its finest .
    Ref should be fined and suspended .
    The entire crew should be looked at , more fines and suspensions .

  4. I did not watch this game, but by looking at when the Bears scored the most points (4th) that they were probably in a no huddle/hurry up offense, with the QB calling plays. Why don't teams like the Bears try just once this method for the whole game??? It seems like when a team such as the Bears do this, they get a rhythm and score more. I do not understand the game plan of a slow huddle/running game from the start and when barely winning and then at the end all of a sudden now let's hurry because we are losing mentality? Can someone explain???

  5. Boy did I miss a dandy. Fields made substantial progress. Good to see y’all again!

  6. As a Steelers fan it feels like a hollow victory with how the officiating went. A fair fight is what I'd like to see.

  7. Soon to be formally indicted on charges of 'looking with intent to taunt.'

  8. "Taunting" for staring at the other side of the field.. Fans didn't really ask for this garbage rule to be "a point of emphasis."

  9. HOLY moly ! What a GREAT game! 👀👍😃
    It should have been a tie, really – neither Team deserved to lose.
    The less said about the new use of the 'taunting' penalty, the better… 👎😠
    M 🦘🏏😎

  10. Santos was so close with that kick at the end

  11. Cam Heyward is the best DT in the league hands down

  12. The referee might as well have put on a Steeler’s hat before he announced every penalty


  14. Justin makin some good throws give him a year or 2 he’ll be solid

  15. Tough lose to the bears 🐻 bt the bright side u found yourselves a franchise QB

  16. This will go down as an L and we can blame the refs (with good reason), but tbh I stopped caring about wins/losses this season and just in terms of development this was the best game Fields and even Kmet have had as Chicago Bears. The connection with Fields to Mooney and Kmet was established this game and I feel like Justin Fields finally played a game where he looked like a GOOD NFL QB. He took command and made the right plays when it mattered – scrambled when he should have and made clutch passes when he needed to.

    Kmet was looking like a bad 1st round pick (Im an ND fan so I hate to admit this) but I finally can see him and Fields connecting. there were some key targets to ARob but i feel like fields knows its mooney and kmet after this season and the reason we are seeing a down season with Arob is because we all know hes gonna be gone in 2022.

  17. Lol that one call didn’t contribute to the bears loss, it was that kick from the kicker that lost you the game lmao 🤣 😂

  18. Steelers need to keep their foot on the gas and score more points, the first half was very good but the second half was bad. We have not yet seen a game where they play well from start to finish, we have to be more agressive even with a lead, but again a win is a win and we will take it. Just to finish the refereeing in this game was very poor but you also have to accept that the bears got away with some bad calls too, not just the steelers.

  19. the refs have favoured the Steelers and the Pats over the last 40 years. Two of the Steelers Superbowl wins including SB40 were won for them by the refs!

  20. This why I don't watch anymore. If they called the penalty on his kick celebration Watt did that everytime with a hand cut to his throat. The ref should be fired.

  21. When is tj going to get defensive player of the year

  22. For some reason every time this gets a replay, they always edit out the spinning high kick he did before walking across the field to stare down the bench.

  23. Lmfao Mac Jones is so much better than Justin Fields

  24. I know the refs were against the Bears again, but damn, Justin Fields was on fire the 4th quarter.


  26. Fields is maturing on the field. It's very satisfying even with a not so good record.

  27. Much respect to coach Tomlin for passing coach Cowher on both the all time winningest Steelers coaches list and the all time winningest head coaches list

  28. Cairo Santos had the longest field goal completion streak of any kicker in the NFL right now. And because he couldn't make a ridiculous 65 yard attempt he's probably getting hate online rn. Kickers get no love.

  29. And they don't include the missed "chopblock" call which took away a Bears TD? Interesting…

  30. wow the fact he almost made that 65 yard field goal says a lot about his future of kicking. He likely didnt know how much power he needed to put on the kick and direction of his foot to get it accurately down there. I bet he wont make that mistake again.

  31. You know why football is not as interesting to me anymore…..the refs, you can't play defense at all.

  32. Bears need to play better. They suck. Steelers dominated!!

  33. For those who aren't bears fans. Let us explain why were walking around like we won a superbowl on a loss to the Steelers. WE FINALLY HAVE A QB THAT CAN THROW IT 30YDS!!😄😄

  34. 9:57 why edit out the ref bumbing the player on purpose to throw the flag. SMDH….

  35. Y’all I think a 2 pt conversion would of tied the game & lol too risky 😉…..
    An the bears always loss just like the Cubs 🤣🤣 ( we are a pack of love of loser at the end) ask Robbie Gold 🔥

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