Best Animated Football Ads ft Messi & Ronaldo. -

Best Animated Football Ads ft Messi & Ronaldo.

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  1. I have a question for u guys watching what team do u support

  2. Lionel Messi’s goals are just amazing it’s like he’s not even human

  3. I love the wink of ronaldo 😂

  4. Messi was my soccer idol when I was 7 Years Old And the second I found out my bday is the same date as him I was screaming with joy because for my age Im the Best Soccer Player In My Grade out of 67 people in my mind I was thinking Will I be the future Messi Idk But Probably with lots of training anyone can be Messi Or Ronaldo Or Anybody You want but better

  5. I like the video and my name is hosea

  6. One of the most horrible animations. When you get bored, you only pay for nonsense.

  7. It funny that they made Ronaldo look so different at the start of his animation

  8. Nothing can stop Messi Messi has a dream to chase

  9. I am short but my dream to be busket ball player so so am gone play with hill

  10. Imagine if Messi and Ronaldo and Neymar teamed up and was on the same team making a new team. Well all of the other teams would be dead like Man Utd. Real Madrid and Cealsea.

  11. you have a dream to chase messi don't let it down


  13. Ronaldo says SUIII after he scores a goalkeeper like he'd sure the gk then they would go to court

  14. u have a dream to chase nothing can stop you

  15. Ronaldo and Messi is better then Ronaldo vs messi

  16. u have a dream to chase,nothing can stop u

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