Best Football Entrances Compilation || HD -

Best Football Entrances Compilation || HD

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Thank you for watching, for this video I searched through many Football entrances at all levels. I recorded the clips with OBS, then Edited this video with Final cut pro. In order to get this thumbnail, I used google to find the original photo but edited it with phonto and picmonkey to make it look better.

All Content is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and edit them into tiny mixes.


  1. 8.35 is soooooo litttttttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. i went to Oscar Smith Middle School for like a month in a half


    tiger cage is dope

  4. 8:04 At first i thought it was soft then it kept going and i was like DAMN!!🥶🔥🔥🥶

  5. You should make a video of the football kids names

  6. That last one corny as hell😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Bro they playing the undertaker’s entrance in wwe

  8. First one why y’all put undertaker theme?

  9. In the second one it’s all fun and games until people actually go out on the streets and start to shoot people

  10. You gotta vibe to music before you kick ass.

  11. Watch my video minot vs CHS high school football

  12. imagine going all our for your entrance and lose 100-3

  13. I LOVE the Texas A & M one ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Na na na na
    Na na na na

    Hey hey hey


  15. See I think some of these are kinda pointless while there practicing these they could be putting in work and getting better our school don't have much a walkout we walkout and stretch because we use all the time we can get to use no hate tho

  16. Imagine doing all that to just get beat

  17. I forgot what music was the Texas A&M one called, can someone help me?

  18. those kids in the yellow helmets been getting to much bryan dawkins

  19. What is the first video the song of it called

  20. The love the coaches that let the players do whatever they think will get them hyped for game LOVE FOOTBALL !!!

  21. Bro you make plays on your team yeah bro I got 12 you ain't got more than that a game nah but my entrance sick af tho

  22. I play for mt pleasant And we have to play the second team

  23. I watch this right before soccerIn the game I scored like 5 goals

  24. First clip. Dumb. The cage is so damn small, why don't they just walk around????

  25. We somehow snuck in south side suicide for our runout (Christian school)

  26. I got hyped as shit watching that Rest In Peace entrance

  27. I just found this i remember this one lol this game was amazing by oscar smith tigers i was there at the front cage before they ran to record.

  28. The team in the thumbnail is my former school.

  29. We have a Tunnel at my Alma Mater and we had fire extinguisher that shot out when we ran out with the American Flag Our school flag. They best thing I remember was making that shit shake then bolting out of the tunnel it was so fun

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