Best football games on Nintendo Switch in 2020 - Football is back edition!! -

Best football games on Nintendo Switch in 2020 – Football is back edition!!

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Well, football is back in the UK, but not really as we know it. Stadiums will be empty for some time to come, so whilst you’re watching or listening from afar, why not fire up your Switch and play the beautiful game too?!

Here are my pick of the best football games on the Nintendo Switch, as of September 2020.

Football Tactics & Glory :
Football Manager 20 Touch:
Super Soccer Blast:
Active Soccer 2019:

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  1. The last game you show I buyed that game for freee in Nintendo and then I had to pay to play it

  2. Dude Kick off 2 was much better than Sensible Soccer lolz

  3. Alessandro Del Piero Juventus Legend says:

    Fifa is an insult for mature players and a clear proof of how many idiots are in this world… If you want to spot an idiot, you hear about fifa fan… If you want to know how big idiot he is, ask the animal what are the differences between a simulator and arcade in a football game, you'll see he doesn't know… EgAy sports fifa is the disgrace of gaming world because it lies steal and manipulate kids and idiots lol

  4. Yes, the words football and Switch together, love it

  5. Thirst.

    Yes, as Konami are either unwilling and/or unable to post P.E.S. over to the Switch, I get this list is as good as it gets…

  6. To the person reading this:

    You are an amazing person! Stay safe, and stay healthy during coronavirus!

    I’m struggling to hit 50 subs so if you want to support my channel by subbing that would be much appreciated!

  7. Football Manager is brilliant, love it. Great vid 👍🏻

  8. Would be cool to see this be turnt into a series. You could have all the genres.

  9. Good job Paul, I remember that neo geo game at the arcade as a kid, I didn't realise it was on switch, thank you for including it!

  10. new star manager is great fun spent hours on it

  11. Man you completely skipped Captain Tsubasa, why?

  12. Soccer slammers is a game you may have missed. Though I think it would be somewhere at the bottom of this list.

  13. I ignored what people said about FIFA 20 and bought it, I cant agree to be fair I think its a disgrace of a game.
    I think its based off the engine on 360/ps3 era and it comes with all the problems from them. I ploughed so many hours into the game and there are so many bugs and problems with it that you only discover over time. I think EA would win many people over if they offered the same Legacy game at a much cheaper price or even offered players the chance to buy data updates instead. A few others on this list I would play over FIFA any day of the week.

  14. Came into this in December 2020. I would recommend 'Alpaca Ball: Allstars'. I just released shortly after.

  15. Alessandro Del Piero Juventus Legend says:

    Fifa have arcade ping pong repetitive mediocre FAKE gameplay without substance, bubble gum football where you put Ronaldo as keeper and he keeps his same rating , except the menus atmosphere and some dribble skills fifa is TRASH lol

  16. FIFA may be the best looking soccer game on switch but full prive for only new names and FUT is nothing for me – would prefer PES on switch.

  17. Legendary eleven is quite good reminds me of fever pitch

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