Best NFL American Football games on Nintendo Switch 2020 Edition! -

Best NFL American Football games on Nintendo Switch 2020 Edition!

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Hello and welcome to my look at the best American Football games on the Nintendo Switch (as of September 2020).

With an EA Sports Madden sized hole on the platform, there’s surprisingly few developers that have tried to step up to the line of scrimmage, but here are my pick of most of the current Football games on the Switch.

More on Football Heroes Turbo:

More on Legend Bowl. See @King Javo channel and Wishlist the game on Steam right now!

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  1. Tecmo Bowl on the NES is the best game. Especially modded to updated roster.

  2. It’s been almost 3 years, but feels like 5 years! LOL. Can’t wait to release the game and continue to make it better while porting to other consoles!

  3. Absolutely love Mutant league football. Devs listen too!!

  4. is 10 Yard Fight not out on the Switch? it was the only American Footy game I really enjoyed.

  5. Damn! How did I miss this video. I used to absolutely love Madden on the Megadrive. Your last game truely looks like the retro game I'm wishing for! The ACA games mess with my head, that button mapping. Also, you never mentioned that you get like 2 milliseconds to choose a play… Mutant League is one of my regret games, just feels wrong. Good video!

  6. As an Eagles fan I laughed hard at the player names in Mutant Football League.

  7. Now I'm not a huge football fan haven't sit down and watched a game or played a madden game in years. Bu I had a dream that I was playing a madden game and I won after making a touchdown in a play with like 4 or 5 fumbles and I woke up and instantly went to check for football games on my switch

  8. Football hero’s is the best however it’s a real shame there is no online bc no one plays

  9. Tecmo Super Bowl on SNES is the best. Still waiting for the online addition.

  10. Spend less time on each game. We have short attention spans.

  11. At the moment I'd say mutant football league is the best american football game on switch. It plays and feels somewhat like a modern simulation ea game but it is kind of weird with the monsters and all the blood and gore and obstacles, cheats etc. You can turn the obstacles and cheats off to make it more of a normal simulation but its still a bit off playing with the different monsters and their movement styles. And it really has no creation options that I've found though there are ways to customize the gameplay a bit. American football seems to be one one the biggest categories lacking in the switch library; I'd love to see legend bowl make it's way onto the console, it would be a perfect fit.

  12. The second tecmo bowl you reviewed says it is WII U. So that does play on the nintendo switch? It is $4.99 in the store, but I wanted to make sure before buying it. I am confused with backwards compatibility with Nintendo Games. I have been hoping they would bring Cyberball or even Tecmo Super bowl to the swtich….

  13. Uhhh what da fuck is dis haha this is not Nintendo switch

  14. What happen to joe Montana NFL sports talk football?

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