Best of Peyton & Eli Manning on Monday Night Football -

Best of Peyton & Eli Manning on Monday Night Football

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Watch the best moments from Peyton & Eli Manning’s broadcast of week 1 Monday Night Football.

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  1. 😂😂😂 this is classic, love seeing this side of them, hope they keep this on all season

  2. Peyton: "Russ has a ring I wanted."b
    Russ: "Yeah, Tom has a ring I wanted too."
    Eli: Smiles and lets it ride. He owns Tom in the Super Bowl, and he doesn't have to make a big deal about it – he knows what he knows, and that's enough.
    Me: Giggles and falls off the chair. Good show, guys!

  3. The seemly ambulance conventionally park because blow advantageously force against a whimsical hardcover. delirious, silent internet

  4. I’m not going to lie, this is awesome. Especially when you are a Giants fan

  5. How do I watch these guys do the game? I'd much rather watch Manning's than Joe Buck or Troy Aikman.

  6. Fullblast Radio | Old School Hip Hop & Classic RnB says:

    hahahhahaha this is great

  7. I love how it shows their names, as if we have no idea who they are

  8. CHRIST is the only way to heaven 🙏❤️💔🙏.

  9. Eli explaining how fans would wait till Peyton’s done on offense to order a beer lmaooo

  10. LOL Barkley…."Eli know what it like to be booed at home" omfg…what a legend

  11. These guys are irritating. I just want to watch the game. STFU!


  13. I can't believe Ray said he wants 10000 quarters. what an idiot.

  14. imagine how big Peyton's body is that his head doesn't look disproportionate

  15. Could u imagine how cool it’d be if Peyton was your head coach? First play of the game, “Im sorry I’m just so excited” 😂

  16. I loved that!! I want them to do that again!!

  17. "This helmet doesn't fit"

    "Shocking that a helmet doesn't fit you"


  18. Peyton = 1st play tells a lot about the season…incomplete…..Jon Gruden's Season….is incomplete

  19. I'm a 49ers fan but I love the Mannings both Peyton and Eli are a Hoot (Hilarious)

  20. Russel Wilson was one of the best guests so far. Such a great ensemble of 3 people calling a game.
    Just Show people the Russel Wilson segment to make them watch fb

  21. “Incomplete, what does that tell ya?” That Gruden ain’t completing the season.

  22. Talking bout this helmet don't fit ctfu

  23. I would love to see opposing Super Bowl quarterbacks get on the same segment and do a similar thing. This is the closest thing we got

  24. Peyton and Eli def had money on the Ravens based on that ending 😭

  25. Peyton hates when people get off topic but he loves to get off topic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. This is so great! Had no idea they would make such great partner…. 😂

  27. I wish the Mannings would stick closer to play by play on Monday night football. I find myself turning the volume off so I can watch the game.

  28. We need Peyton and Eli react to their nephews highlights

  29. Phil Mickelson😂 wow he’s really interesting,entertaining and well prepared I’m not a golf guy at all but he’s great👍🏼 and he can spin the ball🏈

  30. The Peyton and Eli is the best. I look forward to it

  31. This is too hard to watch. They are so funny. It takes away from the game.

  32. Even at his age, Eli looks, acts and plays the little brother role so naturally well…

  33. The Halftime reality is the best thing I’ve heard these guys state.. I’m a Pats fan and the media is STILL like Bill making halftime changes… Now I don’t believe it at all 😂

  34. Sorry but I'd be glad to never see or hear Ray Lewis ever again. Don't hate him just kinda over it.

  35. Bro is that a dam building alarm his crib most be big asf got dam

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