Biggest Non Con College Football Games of Upcoming 2023 Season -

Biggest Non Con College Football Games of Upcoming 2023 Season

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  1. I am not ready to watch my team get trounced by 50+ at Tennessee week 1.

  2. Sup Lou, I respect Georgia and I'm always happy when the SEC wins the title, but stop talking shit about Bama!

  3. I really think notre dame can beat ohio state this time, especially since its at notre dame. Im not saying it for sure will happen, but I think there is a good chance.

  4. Lou, it’s a small world. I’m listening to your 5-1 top 25 video this morning. I look up and there’s Uncle Lou riding down I-20. That was me that blew the horn as I passed by you. Go Dawgs!

  5. 5:47 Although you may have not known what to make of OSU beating Notre Dame in week 1, the Fighting Irish killed Clemson's path to the college football playoff. Ask them Clemson Tigers about that game.

  6. Florida will be gasping after the first 5 minutes

  7. I’m a Penn Stater born in 1978. I love WV coming to Happy Valley to start the season. I really respect WV’s opening schedule. PSU, Pitt & WVU back in the day just did not like each other!

  8. As a husker fan I'm all N drinking the rhuleaid lol.

  9. I’m excited for Auburn @ Cal. I think the last time auburn traveled out west was 2002 when they played at USC. Hoping i can make the trip to Berkeley

  10. Ohio st vs notre dame is my big noncon game.

  11. Love the respect you show for Texas tech. No one will give them a chance against Oregon but with it being in Lubbock I like our chances to win that game. Our QB was the Oregon QB the last time they won the PAC 12 so that will be interesting for sure and our defensive coordinator was the defensive coordinator for Oregon with Mario christoball. Interesting game that will be overlooked for sure

  12. I am salivating thinking about all these matchups….. And they're all within the first three weeks of the season.
    Gonna have a lot of watching to do 👀

  13. The Florida State LSU rematch that would be a good video. Whoever wins that game will have huge momentum going into their conference schedule! And great for bragging rights!

  14. Can you put time stamps for very long videos please

  15. Navy vs notre dame was good last year i thought?

  16. Great job and good luck 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍

  17. Texas/Bama II. Will be a great barometer for Texas' progress.

  18. Uncle Lou shouldn't you rank the Vols higher that no. 11? …. I mean, after no. 11 Tennessee beats the mighty Bull dogs in Neyland Stadium, it ain't going to look very good. You guys are going to have to play a tough game on the road for a change this year. And we ain't mizzoo either!

  19. There is no off-season. It is the preparation season.

  20. I’m pumped to go to the matchup with Utah 🐻

  21. Michigan st. Will beat Washington, book it. They’ll be a double digit underdog but I don’t need the points, I don’t want the points, give me the points and the Spartans.

  22. I actually think West Virginia has Duquesne sandwich in between @ Penn State to open the season and the week 3 rivalry game home vs Pitt The Backyard Brawl

  23. You ever thought about setting your shelves up with your top 25 vs their opponents each week?

  24. As an AU fan definitely looking forward to that Cal game. Freeze did great in the transfer portal and brought in team needs. Gonna be better then what people think.

  25. Lou what do you think about Colorado this season with neon dieon in charge

  26. Man that sucks ND’s OC left but that OSU ND game should still be pretty good

  27. Florida state and LSU rematch will be good and Alabama and Texas game at Alabama's going to be good and BYU at Arkansas

  28. FSU going down Week 1

  29. Navy Notre Dame used to be a big game. I really wish the service academies could get better athletes like they once did. As a Marine I'll always pull for Navy though.

  30. Navy Notre Dame used to be a big game. I really wish the service academies could get better athletes like they once did. As a Marine I'll always pull for Navy though.

  31. You need to call it not off season but SEASONAL POSITIONING with recruiting, transfers, hiring and firing?

  32. Off season..wondering what to do…?….hell Uncle Lou…how ' bout choo volunteer to clean up SOFI Stadium of that Horned Frogs squishy mess yer Dawgs made …cleaning THAT gooey carcass and disinfecting that gridiron and making it safe for next year's schedule oughta take ' bout 8 months…🤗

  33. As a Notre dame fan I’m looking forward to when they play Ohio state

  34. Hopefully we will be back this year 😂 let’s see Texas vs bama preview

  35. Uncle Lou when are you going to make a video about Alabama's two new Coaches.

  36. It’s not a big game in terms of having any implications on playoffs or anything like that BUT Pitt v WVU is always a big massive game for me and my area (Pittsburgh)

  37. Uncle Lou. Love your you tube channel. I really appreciate your college football breakdown as a Utah fan who attended the Florida game last year. I would love to listen to your breakdown of the Florida versus Utah game this year. I am a diehard Utah fan/season-ticket holder at Utah.

  38. oregon at #9 with UW barely in the top ten at#10? What the fudge! The Dawgs have literally everybody back who had remaining eligibility after this last 11-2 season. We got'em in a close one last year at autzen. It's annihilation time this year on Montlake! Kinda like that one team from down south did'em last year.

  39. Biggest Hot Take:

    Penn State, OSU, and Michigan all go 11-1 (8-1) in the conference.

    Penn State beats Michigan, OSU beats Penn State, Michigan beats OSU. Who wins the East then?

  40. I think wvu beats pitt in Morgantown. It will be an electric atmosphere first-time backyard brawl back in Morgantown for quite some time. There will be truck loads of beer drank and there should be some fireworks during the game

  41. Miami and A&M. Both teams could he Top 10 or both teams could be 3-9.

  42. 2023 is a great year for Georgians, They finally have shoes & running water

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