Blitz: The League 2, but it's prison football -

Blitz: The League 2, but it’s prison football

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Continuing with our play through of Blitz: The League 2. Frank competes in the division 3 championship. Later we have to play football to escape prison. It’s loads of silly fun

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  1. When I played the career on blitz 2 growing up I literally couldn’t win the prison game. I always got injured. My friends always had to help me beat it. Oh the memories

  2. this is a lot more darker than madden story mode

  3. I would just play for the Riots or what ever

  4. I quit and restarted games I was losing

  5. I don’t feel comfortable in my pants 0:48 I laughed so hard

  6. Respect wearing whip snakes lacrosse my guy let’s gooooooo

  7. How are you playing this i miss this game i been praying for a reamke please lemme kno how i can play this i love this game ever since the first 1

  8. I like how franchise gets arrested and then I get a drug ad

  9. Bruno Battaglia's elbow is a reference to Lex Luger.

    You can't change my mind.

  10. I think that spine fracture is uncommon injury

  11. This dude sounds like Franklin from GTA V

  12. Wait… Kofi Cockburn is a patreon supporter? 😂

  13. If it was that easy to get a kick return in madden

  14. One of the sounds in the game sounds a lot like the war declaration sound in civilization 6, And I always get a heart attack whenever I hear it

  15. I just realized is he wearing a whipsnakes shirt

  16. When you give them a injury it looks like something out of fucking mortal combat

  17. "You can always unsubscribe if you don't like me"
    but why, why would you do that?

  18. Mims……Cookie Wallace……. And Jimmy Blackman…..
    Troydan,not the expert,and Imavriq

  19. I know this is a late video but gosh some great games you just really wish you can replay them but unfortunately with newer consoles coming out if you don’t own the standard game consoles for these titles then you’ll miss them a lot.

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