Brady vs Mahomes 44 Point 4Q/OT Duel! | Crazy Endings -

Brady vs Mahomes 44 Point 4Q/OT Duel! | Crazy Endings

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Brady vs Mahomes EPIC 4th Quarter Duel! | Crazy Endings

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  1. Brady we know was the goat 🐐,but let’s not forget what a beast Edelman was!

  2. Patriots Vs KC Chiefs and all the Referees.

  3. Great game. I dunno why ya started it with a 2 minute long challenge but thanks for the vid.

  4. Convince me that Reid isn't a mediocre coach who's been gifted great players

  5. Andy go home and raise your sons! O too late😮

  6. Tony romo just calling every play that was gonna be made

  7. Such a damn good game. Even with knowing the outcome of the game I was still getting nervous just reading watching it. TB12 all day errr day

  8. What do you guys think about the new twist introduced in the video?

  9. The Brady vs. Mahomes duel will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most memorable moments in football history, showcasing the talent, skill, and competitiveness of two generational quarterbacks.

  10. It’s not fair only first team to score wins bullshit

  11. Brady was just different. Man, this man stopped Mahommes from getting 4 rings before 30.

  12. "Watching Brady vs Mahomes in that 44-point 4Q/OT duel was absolutely mind-blowing! The level of skill and resilience from both quarterbacks was off the charts. Such an epic battle of football titans that kept me glued to the screen. Can't wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!"

  13. Goat versus Goat one on the back end of his career one on the front end of his career neither at full strength what a game

  14. Watching games like this really make me wish Madden was a much better game

  15. How happy is Mahomes that Brady retired?! Mahomes never beat Brady in the playoffs. Seriously, Brady's retirement was the best thing for Mahomes and the Chiefs. lol

  16. Romo is GOATED on commentary. It’s Stone Cold vs The Rock & Jim Ross calling the match.

  17. Give John Elway for the last seven minutes of the forth quarter.

  18. We just don’t understand how good Tony romo was in commentary he made an already incredible game better, absolutely nails so many calls before they happen that man knows football

  19. The ball moved and hit the ground by definition incomplete pass

  20. That was no catch the ground can not help you receive the ball.

  21. Chiefs are Cheaters big time left wing scum

  22. Mahomes 3 playoff losses … 2 to brady … 0-2

  23. It wasn't fair because Brady's and Mahomes' careers overlapped so Mahomes didn't receive the win because Brady was obviously going to be given the win.

  24. Last game for the Chiefs' terrible defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton. He was fired and Steve Spagnuolo took over. Bogus offside call on the Brady interception.

  25. Chiefs never got to touch the ball in overtime. Nobody cared until the Chiefs-Bills game after which the rules were changed.

  26. There should be a flag for pass interference

  27. Is their movement yes does it hit the ground yes” only New England would get that call or more specifically the latest greatest qb👎

  28. Brady converted an unheard of 6 – 3rd down conversions in a row and 3 of them were 3rd and 10… At age 41 on the road at Arrowhead as an underdog

  29. Rigged ass game, two Bs calls on JC but no call on the Conley pick play clearly offensive PI but some ticky tack Bs call on defense

  30. If you see this, please send positive vibes my way. I’ve been struggling with health issues for years and could use your prayers.

  31. brady will always be better than mahomes regardless of his career, point blank period undeniably

  32. brady is the most clutch professional athlete of all time

  33. 2 robberies on the same day and this game was one of them

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