Brazil vs Germany - FULL Match - Men's Football Final Rio 2016 | Throwback Thursday -

Brazil vs Germany – FULL Match – Men’s Football Final Rio 2016 | Throwback Thursday

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The Football final of the Olympic Games 2016 was between the host nation Brazil and the reigning World Cup Champion Germany. With top players like Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos, Niklas Süle and the Bender Twins on the pitch, it promised to be an exciting fight for the gold medal – and indeed, it was a more than thrilling showdown at the Maracanã!

What is your favorite Olympic moment of all time? Let us know in the comments below and it might be featured in the next #ThrowbackThursday!

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  1. But i living in here.i think you are living with me at the body in around the world.

  2. Falam tão mal do menino Ney mais se esquecem completamente que se não fosse por ele o Brasil nunca Teria ganhado o ouro , no ouro em Tokyo os meninos estavam usando ele como um exemplo! Para tentar manter o ouro!

  3. Brazil Olympics

    The country that most climbed on the podium in football in the history of the Olympics

  4. 🥉Atlanta 1996
    🥉 Pequim 2008
    🥈Los Angeles 1984,
    🥈Seul 1988
    🥈Londres 2012
    🥇Rio de Janeiro 2016
    🥇Tokyo 2020

    Brazil is the country that most climbed on the Olympic football podium in people's history!🇧🇷

  5. Alls the brazil players very stupid and so..boring.

  6. The well-made cultivator enzymatically zip because mother-in-law regretfully concentrate till a unknown manicure. lethal, nimble examination

  7. in 2016 the olympics was the only title that Brazil did not have yet, no other crack in Brazil had achieved only Neymar!!! and now the selection is already bi champion

  8. É agora estou assistindo e falta que Neymar sofreu acabou de acontecer ele vai cobrar agora

  9. 🇧🇷 Bicampeão Olímpico!!!
    🏅- Rio 2016 🏅- Tokyo 2020

  10. When i was a kid, i was shocked when i realized that this was the first Olympic gold of Brazil in football, later, i discovered how poor FIFA made football in the olympics…

  11. Neymar JR Always Boss 💯👌👊

  12. Esta fue de las veces que más goce el triunfo de Brasil, incluso mas que el pentacampeonato del mundo, talvez por ser el primero oro olimpico.

    Saludos desde Guatemala

    Y ya me estoy aprendiendo el himno aunque en castellano

  13. Em 2016 as olimpíadas era o único título que o Brasil ainda n tinha conquistado… Hj já estão quase dominando as o

  14. Brazil is the king from Portugal 👍🇵🇹

  15. Brasil vs Alemania porfin Brasil 🇧🇷🇩🇪

  16. Brasil no es Brasil, Brasil es universal por eso la mayor parte del planeta lo respeta, lo admira y lo ama.

  17. Maybe this is the only important that Neymar have do it

  18. O jogo com Galvão Bueno pela Globo.


  20. Nessa noite chorei de emoção e orgulho dessa seleção brasileira amo muito 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  21. I love german football team and Germany is my favourite country.

  22. As a Brazilian, I deeply respect the German team, from the bottom of my heart, but this victory belonged to us

  23. World Cup with only few countries qualified: this is the shittest day ever
    Olympic from all countries around the world qualification: this is the holiest day ever

  24. Amazing Brazil games congratulations

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