Browns vs. Ravens Week 17, 2018 FULL Game: Rookies Baker Mayfield vs. Lamar Jackson -

Browns vs. Ravens Week 17, 2018 FULL Game: Rookies Baker Mayfield vs. Lamar Jackson

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  3. still dont' like Romo.. he can surely talk though… he sounds like a player who won couple of rings…

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  8. They gotta post the week 14 ravens vs browns game that one was insane

  9. One thing I know;Bake gonna git his.he be special…you go Bake…🤙😎👍👉the future of the Browns…

  10. Tavon young is so overrated 🙄 SMH boy always gets burned, and for the record he's to small. If he's not getting burned, he's hurt not playing!…

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  12. Humphrey burned, Humphrey burned 🔥 all damn game!! Humphrey holding penalty! Goddammit Jim!!!

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  14. I know this is the regular season finale but this very much had the vibe of a playoff game

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  19. Why is the browns ravens games always so good in every season

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  22. They gave Cleveland two catches that clearly were not!! The NFL is a joke!!!! And Mosley’s been so good since he went to NY!! HaHa!!

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  24. Cleveland line starts cussin they muted them player mics real quick 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. If I were the Browns I would have ran at the end

  26. The browns vs the browns will be great this year

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  28. This will be a great rivalry for years now that the Browns are finally good.

  29. I'm from indonesian but i really love this sport

  30. I was in the front row in this game at the 50 and it was so loud and made me tear up when Mosley got that pick

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  33. Not a fan of either team, but that was a great game.

  34. On Cleveland's last drive, I had about seven panic attacks, then promptly shredded my vocal chords and gave myself a migrane from shouting on CJ Mosley's INT. Football is the greatest sport ever invented

  35. Never gets old seeing the browns, brown it up and lose. Balance in the universe is based solely on my ability to count on the Browns losing.

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