Buccaneers vs. Eagles Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Buccaneers vs. Eagles Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. Man, look at Jensen. The guy never quits, an all-pro Center. Absolute BOSS!

  2. Brady is making it look so easy Bro is he abouta get his 8th

  3. guy in yellow shirt dodged a bullet to the dome after that second TD hahaha

  4. 👍👍👍👍 For All Players, Coaches and Assistants…Great Win Guys on the Road on a Short Week…Next Da Bears…😄🍊🌴

  5. How good is that Tampa defense? They give up a lot of rec yards but somehow find a way to get off the field. Luck is in their favor. The ball will bounce in their favor more than once.

  6. When the Eagles scored their third TD of the game, they did NOT need to go for 2. An XP would have sufficed, because if made then all you need is another TD and converted XP.

  7. Tom throws to the to RB more than any QB in the NFL. To stop him cover the RB on pass play and send 5 pass rush. The stealers, Giants and Ravens did for years. Rams also did it in the Super Bowl.

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  9. That taunting penalty might have cost the Eagle the game?

  10. The Eagles had a lot of momentum and the fans were into it…. they forgot that Brady can just end games whenever he wants by eating 6 minutes of clock.

  11. Hurts has gotten most of his stats in garbage time

  12. hey jalen there is no. i. in team sports. you never saw an i win a sb

  13. eagles should have won but the refs where as

  14. wow crazy CMC is still better than every player on both teams

  15. I don't know why some people. Say Tom Brady can't be beaten. I disagree with you. We will see in the game's he have coming up.

  16. I would like to see a Super Bowl rematch between the Eagles and Bucs. 2018 Super Bowl Brady should have won

  17. Got to stop the run. These running quarterbacks are good

  18. Give Brady that amount of time and he will pick you apart with rookie WRs. Give him that amount of time with arguably the best WR group we have ever seen in the league and he will break records and break you.

  19. I watch this highlights over an over just to see miles run the ball 12 yards every time he was handed the ball wondering what it would be like if we started that at the beginning of the season

  20. It’s a lot easier to move the ball when you are down by 20 points.

  21. It's hilarious watching a guy the Jags let go for nothing perform decent or just play in these big games for a good team. What a terrible organization.

  22. 3:50 -> Fournette coulda ran around the guy, but he thought it would be more fun to just BLAST him.

  23. 10/21/2021 Eagles need a QB who stays in the pocket … all this QB scrambling is NOT going to do at … stay in the pocket and find your receivers!

  24. whistle happy refs deciding too many games

  25. It's funny people think the NFL is real just look at the BUCS enough said😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  26. They actually successfully ran on the Bucs ?

  27. there shouldnt be a penalty for taunting, what chickensht. The nfl is a joke compared to what it used to be, but not a surprise, with them being woke idiots, and kissing chinas rear.

  28. Eagles don't have any offensive plays at all.

  29. The Eagles should have ran the football earlier.

  30. Hurts is not being helped by his coach. How can you have a running back like Miles Sanders and you don't use him especially when you have a rookie QB. I know he's not a rookie but close enough.

  31. Fournette is bigger than all of our linebackers.

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  33. Old Pats and Brady fan still gasping at Kraft's/Belichik's mistakes by ever letting TB12 and Gronk go

  34. I don’t know what we’re doing but, I’m here for the ride. Go 🦅

  35. I went from a Tom Brady Hater to Tom Brady fan just because I love to watch people get angry about him. Once Brees retired I retired my irreverent hatred for him be he’s alot of fun when you watch him continue to beat the haters. We hate on this man for fun and Im all about it. Go Brady lol.

  36. I am sick and tired of watching TB, don’t confuse it with Tampa Bay, the QB TB, and now he is appearing on every youtube ad. Just quit man go home. OMG😬

  37. Im not gonna lie when Brady was with the patriots i hated him,but seeing what he's done with Tampa,!hell of respect deff.the best qb there is

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