Buccaneers vs. Patriots Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Buccaneers vs. Patriots Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the New England Patriots during Week 4 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. Brady vs Belicheck, beat him at home, won 1 SB without him to cement himself as the GOAT..

  2. even if pats make that field goal at end you are still giving brady the ball with 50 seconds

  3. NE fans deserved that ending after booing Brady. Ungrateful sacks of trash

  4. The gods were on Brady's side. They have been with him from the very beginning.

  5. Man the significance and symbolism this game has now that the 🐐 is gone is crazy, it really is the passing of the Pats torch, and I believe they are in good hands with Mac, no he'll never be Brady but man had a Damn good 1st season 🤷‍♂️

  6. Man I was so emotional watching my favorite quarterback ever Tom Brady and my favorite football team ever New England Patriots in week 4 but I cheered for the patriots because that’s what I love more than anything go pats💙❤️

  7. Came back just to see Belichick give him that bitter hug 🤣😂😂

  8. Great to see Tom win!
    He was as nervous as I've ever seen him!
    Overthrows and dropped passes!
    Gronk plays and this game isn't close!

  9. I have tremendous respect for Mac, to go toe to toe with the greatest QB of all time and lose by basically a foot to the left is incredible

  10. Stats don’t tell everything
    Brady played better than it looks

  11. The New England Kickers chickened out one too many times. I guess without Brady, Patriot coaches have no cajones–so they lose again.

  12. Bucs had almost their entire secondary out for this game, no Gronk, bad weather, Brady emotional, and they still found a way to win

  13. This is a game you knew was going to be close

  14. This was the only game in my life that I have rooted against Brady. I am still pissed that we lost

  15. & Mac Jones outplayed The goat. i couldn’t believe it

  16. one of the best games of the 2021 season

  17. All the did for belichick and he acted like a total ass. Tom Brady was why the Patriots were so good and that's why Tampa is so good. He is a game changer

  18. This game's energy was super high, and it lived exceeded the expectations. People thought that Brady would torch the Patriots, but they didn't let that happen, and it all came down to the final play. What a great game!

  19. Gronk plays and AB doesn't DROP that beautiful td pass its a blowout!

  20. Where the hell was Winfield and White this season?

  21. This game made me a Mac fan in my eyes Mac out played Brady and he definitely earned my respect

  22. Something tell me Jones will be better than Brady one day

  23. @7:50 look at vita vea takes out two guys and allows a free rusher to get the sack woww

  24. I was glad to hear that Tom and Bill talked later for a long time in private. Hell if it was me I would’ve jumped for the chance to have a real conversation with my old coach

  25. i remember watching mac jones win a national championship at alabama, so to even watch him play against tom brady shows how great of a future he has in the league! But that’s not counting injuries…

  26. v1nce but hes rick Astley and he has a bible says:

    The Patriots are still a good team with out tom brady change my mind

  27. He broke passing yard records against the team he put all those yards with

  28. Soy sincero: ¡BRADY NO HA ATACADO A LOS PATRIOTAS COMO ÉL SABE!…. Siento les guarda respeto por venir de ellos…

  29. You really have to be a patriots fan to understand the emotions here

  30. Hoodh Ibrahim the dumb ways to die fan 2011 says:

    Add a new team to the Nfl Elephants

  31. Bill can make anyone look good I was surprised how good they were still don’t have enough to win a chip I don’t think but they can contend even tho the afc is stacked

  32. Zudon is looking for attention. That’s why he wears the red sleeves and is the only one. Typical 13.

  33. This is one where you just don’t forget where you were when you watched it.

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