Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 4 2022 Highlights - ishmargames.com

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 4 2022 Highlights

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  1. Literally any 12 year old playing Madden knows you kick the FG in a tied game late in the 4th. Good god what a bad call by Harbough.

  2. It's not fair to Lamar for him to deal with this dysfunction. His team doesn't believe in him, won't pay him, has no supporting cast and is still balling out. He needs to be on a team that believes in him instead of using him as leased car quarterback. They're wasting his greatness.

  3. Allen cries on last about a legal hit and gets flag which keeps game winning drive alive. Ravens got fked on that bs call.

  4. I don't know why lamar Jackson went for it on 4th in goal they probably would've had that game

  5. they might as well play 2 hand touch, nfl is a joke

  6. That roughing the passer call was bs. Not a ravens fan but damn he just hugged Allen and then let him fall on top of him

  7. I love that triple option that Baltimore runs

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  9. The irony of losing by a field goal lol

  10. It's gotta hurt the Ravens' defense to play so good against the best offense in the league and lose. Especially stepping up like that after playing like trash in the previous games

  11. That was a BS call for roughing the passer.

  12. They need a healthy Bateman and dobbins plus Gus edwards comes back soon

  13. Poyer is one of the best safeties in the league

  14. Bills are too good!!! the amount of missed calls by refs on holds, and bad hitts its crazy adn Buffalo still overcomes

  15. My comment wont age well…steelers next week beat the worst spread they've ever had. Since 1970 the steelers have never been 14 pt dogs. They'll lose but cover.

  16. No cheap shots on either side and just hard played games and very entertaining.

  17. Wow, way to blow it Ravens. Still beat the spread, though.

  18. We will get it done next week against the Bungles

  19. What a Game . Where you not Entertain, What A Game. Wow. Ravens you gave that away. Unnecessary Roughing the Passer. Harbaugh needs to stop gambling these games away, take these kicks trust your Defense. Its better to lose with added points than getting the chance to add points and you didn't then lose. What? is that lack of Common Sense? Please just play the game you suppose to, don't over think things. 👌?

  20. sloppy but a win is a win LETS GO BILLS we got PITT next can not make those mistakes Allan pick offs , fumbles etc

  21. Fun Fact with the Bills.. The Bills last 20 regular season games they won before Sunday were won by 10+ points.. This close win broke that streak they shared with the 1941-1942 Bears .. Congrats to the Bills 👏

  22. This is precisely why Lamar Jackson and Jim Harbaugh will never bring a Champion to Baltimore….on the other hand this is precisely why Josh Allen will be hoisting a Lombardi Trophy one day…..and I'm a Washington Commanders fan….

  23. Really like the BILLS….HATE the RAVENS….BUT….Roughing call on RAVENS late was ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT….GREAT PLAY & A CLEAN HIT….no helmet to helmet & solid tackle….no foul here…NFL…YOU MUST STOP THIS OFFICIATING CRAP…YOU ARE MAKING PEOPLE…LIKE ME…WONDER IF THE FIX IS IN….no call there….RAVENS have a chance to win….TUCKER is your kicker…yeah…you have a CHANCE….not saying they ABSOLUTELY win…but BASS FIELD GOAL ENDS IT…I do not like it ….does not negate awesome BILLS 2nd half comeback….at least, I hope not…

  24. The ravens should won that game lamar is a beast mode

  25. omg the ravens got robbed by the zebras…

  26. Wait, that was the 4th down call I've been hearing so much about? John Harbaugh absolutely made the right call! Just because a play doesn't work doesn't mean the call is wrong. Seen way too much 20/20 correctionists in just 4 weeks. That call was spot on. You think I'm going to make it a 3pt game with Josh Allen at the helm to reverse it and score 6, or give Lamar Jackson an opportunity to make it a 7pt game? No brainer. Harbaugh deserves credit for making that call. His team's execution failed him

  27. Биллс в этот раз – сила воли плюс характер 🙂
    Важнейшим аспектом игры стала меткость киккеров. У Биллс в этой роли человек не менее надежный, чем у Рэйвенс (Такер уже ведь легенда, да?)

    Вновь, как на 1й и 2й неделях, прогресс в игре Биллс случился после большого перерыва. Тренеры умело рулят игровыми настройками команды, мне так кажется

  28. This joke of a franchise still has signage of a criminal organization that stole millions from the black community? Wow.

  29. Impressive play by both teams but a great Bills comeback.

  30. The sad part is that the Bills aren't really that good. We gave away 2 games, early Christmas presents.

  31. Bills in top but that's def the worst way to lose

  32. Ravens been lookin like the falcons lately

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