Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs | NFL Divisional Round Game Preview - ishmargames.com

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs | NFL Divisional Round Game Preview

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  1. I feel like Kansas City struggled to much with the Pittsburgh steelers as Buffalo crushed New England a better team then the steelers in my opinion. but honestly the game could still go either way but for me I still think Kansas city gets the job done 37-28

  2. the chiefs defense is crap against high powered offenses.

  3. Don’t care if Bills win, want KC to LOSE!

  4. Since josh Allen finally beat the Chiefs earlier this season. I think josh Allen beats the Chiefs again.

  5. Yeah undoubtedly going to be the game of the year,whoever wins this game is going to the SB,I just dont know if Chiefs can contain this Bill's offense,I'm not saying Chiefs are going to lose but it's going to be a tough game,I'm a Chiefs fan btw,and for Chiefs to get a win here,they will have to play perfect football,I respect Allen and the Bills,this is the only team I see that matches up with the Chiefs 100%,the weapons for both of these teams are the top in the NFL,i think Chiefs D can contain Allen,this games gonna be a good one

  6. Josh Allen will have a another great game. I always thought he was better at being a mobile qb then Patrick. He will show it in this game with 2 rushing touchdowns and throwin3. The time for the Chiefs as come to an end they one and done and the league is wise to Andy Reid and his schemes when you can't beat Tom Brady it's over for you. Remember last year anybody? Bills 38-chiefs27 good luck out there

  7. I expect Chiefs are going to have a slow start but keep it close at the end. It should be a good game if everyone comes to contribute.

  8. This has the feel and weight of a SuperBowl game.

  9. I’m riding with KC all the way ‼️‼️‼️

  10. Two awesome teams. I can't wait to watch this.

  11. i was born in upstate new york, 100 miles from buffalo, but i cannot root for them. the chiefs are awesome, and they gave a home to my all time favorite quarterback, joe montana. such class!!!!

  12. both are good teams but BUF has the edge in this game

  13. Imagine if Allen can play as well rounded as he did against NE this could be the best game of the year.

  14. Bills 29
    Chiefs 34
    The Chiefs are just to hot. They have a better run game then the Bills to pull this out.

  15. Hmmmmmmm ..
    I think this is really going to be a good matchup

  16. Bills Mafia will rumble as the Bills will push pass the Chiefs in a 30-20 win to send them to a second straight AFC Title game

  17. I'm going for the Bills. I think they can actually pull an upset over KC.

  18. This comment section: I want my team to win, but I really love and respect the other team.

    Two of the best fanbases in the NFL. Go Bills!

  19. This will be the good game but this isn't a game to go to super bowl because bills could go if they win. But if chiefs win, they will lose to titans big. Can I be honest, Chiefs are not a championship contender team at all. CHIEFS SUCK

  20. Chiefs are my second favorite team behind the Lions. I really wanna see Reid and Co. get another chip. That said, if the Bills win, I hope they win it all because Allen deserves it.

  21. This generation making josh Allen look like the new mick vick or Lamar Jackson like if you don’t put this man on his ass I will

  22. We didn’t have Chris Jones or Ingram last time plus 4 turnovers won’t happen again

  23. I want the Bills beating the Chiefs 25-17

  24. Bruh as a Chiefs fan, this is one scary game to me. While we are a different team since the last time we met, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Bills are gonna be looking for revenge for the championship game last year. This could be the year of the Buffalo…

  25. It doesn't matter who wins in this match up. I think Green Bay will go all the way this year and be super bowl champs. And I'm not even a green bay fan

  26. Seek God. Fear God. Repent. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

  27. Come on bills let's go 🏈🏈🏈🏈

  28. This is the rivalry of the next decade and a half. I believe KC beats Buffalo 27-24. The defense of KC has been #1 since the loss to Tennessee. Buffalo's has been #1 overall this season, but has had some questionable games. I think both Allen and Mahomes make at least one big mistake, but I think Allen's is bigger. Also, the Kingdom will have an impact on Allen's play. I think we all can agree that whoever prevails is most likely the AFC representative in LA for the Super Bowl.

  29. How is nobody talking about the score prediction from Gordon. He just said this game would be Chiefs 53-49 LOL 😂

  30. This will be a big game I'm thinking at either 44-33 Chiefs or 54-51 Chiefs… Let's get this win CHIEFS 💪💪💪

  31. This is the superbowl..Banging football game. Delivery of touchdowns from both teams unless Patrick gets hurt early on !
    Buffalo well win with air and ground from defense. I'm sure they have learned from their mistakes. Unless we're talking about the 4 superbowl games they lose. This is a awesome team that should win the next 5 superbowls. There in a area that now one knows and only visitors venture. Buffalo is my team the real New York team.

  32. Steelers is damn 32nd in defense. The comparison on these matchups judging off there last games are not a good match

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