Cal Bears Football 82: The Play -

Cal Bears Football 82: The Play

UC Berkeley
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A legendary play that has become part of the lore of college football celebrates its 25th anniversary! Go Bears!!!
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  1. Let’s say the ball carrier was tackled at the 5-yard line because he ran into a band member. It would’ve been a penalty, right? Would they have awarded the touchdown?

  2. The pathetic way the defenseless white hat tumbled away from the flattened band member was a nice finish.

  3. As an impartial judge, I think this play was 100% the right call. Major props go out to:

    1. The third guy, who basically drew half of Stanford to try to tackle him. His leg was really close to being down, but I think it wasn't.

    2. The 4th guy, who basically blind tossed the ball because he knew there were several teammates behind him. Gutsy move and would have backfired big time if it was off.

    Edit: On closer inspection, I think the 3rd guy was down. It was really close, but you have a play like this, the refs usually don't call it unless it's obvious.

  4. That was john elways last college game and his only.chance to go to a bowl and THE BAND WAS ON THE FIELD.

  5. I was going to Cal at the time; we used something similar in our recreational league. We were the Avante Guardes and would lateral across the field and often score by confusing the opponents on kick-offs.

    That's not why I'm here today though. About a week ago someone posted on FB about the "wildest football play ever." So naturally I had to watch. In it there must've been a total of a dozen laterals. Unlike "The Play" these guys must've gone backwards at least 20 yards at one point… but the end result… TOUCHDOWN! It was definitely more amazing than "The Play."

    Unfortunately I didn't save it at the time. Does anyone have a link to it? If so please reply to me and thanks in advance!

  6. “Oh the band is out on the FIIEELD!!” 😂

  7. What a call.. the guy almost lost his voice.

  8. The band is out on the field !!!!!!!!!!! That was so awesome.

  9. I can’t tell if he made it all the way to the end zone or not

  10. Whos here from bengals riverside royals video? 🤔

  11. People invading the field. Wtf. This looks terrible

  12. The two most iconic finishes in college sports history happened during 82-83 the band on the field touchdown and NC states buzzer beater dunk to win the title against drexler and Houston

  13. I saw it when it happened, seen it a million times since… And it never fails to leave me in hysterics.. Literally crying.. lol..

  14. If u the band u gotta take a hit & try to make a tackle at the 10 yard line lol

  15. If you look closely was he even in the end zone. When he decked that guy he was at the 3 yard line. I don’t think he crossed the goal line

  16. Gus says “pick six” best college play of all time. Guess he missed this one. Or Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary.

  17. i've heard a story about kenny williams, the now white sox gm who played at stanford as well as a football player on messing up on this play apparently the story goes that he could have from how i remember he either missed a block or could have tackled but bypassed that option and opted to wait for the next lateral and take that chance and apparently from there he stepped down from the team upon that embarrassment cause his teammates couldn't let him messing that up go. what jersey # did he wear?

  18. Early celebration fails, one of the many reasons I love sports.

  19. Why was the marching band out on the field???

  20. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

    If you look closely, he hits a saxophone player first, who drops his sax, then destroys the trombone player.
    That sax player must have been like, "What the hell man, you knocked over my s…..oh. Nevermind."

  21. That magical time before interference calls. Had this been done today, they most certainly would've redone that play.

  22. Imagine had the band not been on the field one of the Stanford defenders could've tackled him ? 😂

  23. I get that they're in college but I'd expect nothing less from band kids.

  24. The single GREATEST PLAY BY PLAY CALL in College Football history. No question…

  25. The single greatest play in college football history…

  26. The Stanford trombone player at the end redefined the word CLUELESS from that moment forward…

  27. Such an awesome play, and after reviewing the footage it appears to be a good call and a touchdown.

  28. Joe Starkey, the man who made this iconic call, just announced his retirement today after 47 years announcing Cal football.

  29. Well, at least the tomahawk chop recipient at the end end of the play can rival Michelle of band camp for the most epic band story ever.

  30. This is one of those things that will never be dethroned as the best in history. The commentating in addition to the ridiculousness happening on field makes this moment irreplaceable. So glad to be a golden bear just for this play 🤣

  31. Amazing lol.
    Math department calculated the odds of that Trillion to 1 lol.
    Go Bears!

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