Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights -

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights

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  1. lol, it's always said that "Asian's" do it better. lol He truly is a good kicker.

  2. So anybody gonna say it….. or should I lol paid off

  3. Great game. I’m a Falcon fan but even I know we got lucky twice. BUT, a win is a win

  4. Falcons O-Line needs some work, Mariota never has any time in the pocket.

  5. North Carolina should've fired their kicker immediately after the game and made catch a greyhound.

  6. Raider fan here. Just here to see what could have been. Our QB is afraid of the 50 yard line, and he will not cross it…SMH…

  7. THAAAAAT …. CATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … to tie it up is a young boys BIGGEST dream !!!! For the people who DON'T KNOW, growing up and loving football is aways on our minds and making catches like this is our biggest and most mental replay, just watch little boys playing with a football and you'll see them throwing the ball in the air and turning their bodies as if someone from BEHIND them , threw it to them. 🏈🏈🏈

  8. Fire the kicker asap❗️❗️❗️🤣🤣🤣

  9. A 48yard fg is no chip shot. Many have missed from far less under game winning pressure. Celebration penalty was near-equally detrimental if you ask me.

  10. In the end, I won. I got divorced without any child support or Alimony payments. I dodged that loss.


  12. As a Panthers fan this one definitely hurt, I understand DJ taking his helmet off in excitement, just dropping the ball on the previous drive then making what seemed to be the game winning touchdown, I would've done the same thing! BUT for me, this was all on Eddy Piniero, you get paid to do one thing and that's kick the ball through the posts, HOW IN THE WOLRD do you miss not one of your kicks but BOTH of the game winning kicks! And the second one he definitely has no excuse considering that one was 30 yards compared to the 40 yard kick from before! Just terrible bro smh

  13. Yea Moore lost that one in regulation…fg kicker lost it in overtime…but panthers got a.nice squad to build around though..

  14. Walker is so much better than Marriota. He's a pocket passer with legs while Marriota can't throw.
    Pinero should be fired for this, he just lost 2 opportunities to win the game.

  15. Titan fan here ..just looking for all them falcon fans who said Mariota was a bust 😂😂the uso is doing so good! Leeskooo Titan up tho

  16. 久々に凄い試合見せてもらいました。

  17. Don’t hate your kicker the panthers are obviously tanking this season

  18. There were 19 ways to lose this game and we still got the W

  19. The division now has the 2015 and 2018 #1 and 2 QB picks after a series of trades, so random

  20. the most hoppin i’ve seen a falcons game in years. crowd was lovin it

  21. need to get rid of that kicker…just sayin'

  22. That Derrick brown stop on 3 & 5 w/ 1:21 remaining was beautiful

  23. And Dallas didn’t trade for DJ Moore🤦🏿‍♂️

  24. Imagine being the reason you dont win the game twice in a single game

  25. 12:31 What was the flag penalty at the end of the 4th quarter that pushed Carolina to kick a 48 YD PAT?

  26. The falcons didn’t blow the game like thy did against the Lions in 2020. (Lions are my favorite team)

  27. No one knows how to use "clutch" in these comments. It's not "clutch" for you to be the victor, by another's mistake. If you capitalize on anothers mistake like this – that's more opportunistic or seizing the opportunity. It's the intangibles you cannot account for by planning that led to the final score.

  28. Why was the extra point at end from 48 yards? Was that from flag

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