Carolina Panthers vs. Cincinnati Bengals | 2022 Week 9 Game Highlights -

Carolina Panthers vs. Cincinnati Bengals | 2022 Week 9 Game Highlights

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  1. Where do you rank Joe Mixon amongst best RB? Derrick Henry, Chubb and then mixon

  2. If I was a QB for the Panthers I wouldn't be following no stupid script.

  3. I bet He'd wish he'd kept all 5 of those footballs. That's got to be close to a record.

  4. Mixon is a beast and they don’t give him credit or use him enough . He can line up as a receiver in the shotgun or run it up the middle …

  5. Change the title to “Carolina panthers VS Joe Mixon”

  6. God asked Joe Mix to Get ON , then JOE MIXON 💪🌟

  7. Don't make me watch this again, NFL. I saw it live. It's hard being a Panther fan sometimes.

  8. Bro why did not bet Mixon all my savings on him .. how can you predict something like that

  9. Bengals should trade Mixon, I mean the experiment is over!

  10. Even for Panthers, something was really wrong this day.

  11. Two things panthers should take away from this. 1. Mayfield wasn't the problem… 2. your staff is the damn problem.

  12. As a Panthers fan from NC that lives in Dayton, Ohio…this loss was not easy to deal with. All of Ohio let me know that my team sucks. 🙁

  13. On Mixon on burrow on higgins on bates that's the new Rudolph the red nose reindeer lyrics!

  14. This team would be 8-1 if they unleashed Smokin Joe since the beginning. He's the best player on the offense

  15. What a close game……wait that was the bills.

  16. The bengals really destroyed the panthers🔥😳

  17. Joe was a godsend in fantasy in week 9 omg 😱

  18. Bengals fan, still waiting for Burrow and Chase to get a win against Cleveland. So bizarre to see the Bengals lose to the Browns, then roll against the Panthers.

  19. Easy win Cincinnati Bengals I’m a big fan

  20. Down in ohio. The bengals always stay swag like ohio.

  21. As a Carolina fan this is painful to watch! Cudos to Cinci though, great game! Can only hope that next year will be a better year for my Panthers! 😞

  22. I love the bengals offense 🎉🎉 to bad we lost 4

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