Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans Week 3 | 2021 NFL Game Highlights -

Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans Week 3 | 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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  1. ….. what is so special about this Carolina defense? The Texans just aren’t good

  2. Why are no analysts talking about Carolina? They look good. Everything is about Rams and Chargers.

  3. Respect for Matt Rhule and Bill Snyder. These guys are amazing because they turned a hopeless team to a contender.

  4. I thought the Texans would be the worst team this year, but they already have a win and have put up fights in their other games. They can still finish dead last in the league but this has been surprising

  5. Dar old making Carolina look like a great team. It must be really hard to attract talent to new york

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  9. I believe Sammy found his forever home in Carolina. Im actually happy for the USC Boy !! Go Niners !!

  10. That panther defense is mean. If their offense was the slightest bit better, they'd be Superbowl worthy.

  11. Darnold looks so much better with the Panthers! Is it coaching? Is it talent? Is it both?

  12. Why isn’t Tyrod Taylor playing. Y’all just took him out now y’all loosing


  14. We supposed to be worried about this panthers team lol

  15. Houston could’ve put a decent game if they offense was in the game but honestly the panthers came away wit a a late game due to the lack of offense

  16. Never again will I put myself through watching and listening to the play by play by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
    Oh my God talk about dull and irritating and completely outdated as The only want to talk about the Dallas Cowboys
    Just unaware who are the new Star players the NFL

  17. Panthers better not be setting up Darnold to fail with the Arnold trade.

  18. Dak might beat the panthers, but he’s going to get hit and hit some more. That defense is no joke. They gonna expose your age.

  19. This is a dam good panthers team, cowboys better be careful.

  20. So… are we just gonna not talk about how they didn't even show McCaffrey's injury? NFL Youtube channel doesn't show key players getting injured… good

  21. 🤦‍♂️2 minute touchdown is nothing. Making an effort. Too many sacks. Run game wasn't working. Keeping a close game. nope. Getting rid of the ball faster. Defense gave up. SAFETIES were giving TOO MUCH ROOM. EASY 1ST DOWNS🤬🥺😪

  22. Car Panthers: "we are looking good so far this year"
    CMC: "Hold my hamstring…"

    Them Cardiac Cats giving me rising heart rates just when I'm feeling good

  23. Bucs defiantly got some contest in the division. I never say this but I'm excited to see a Panthers Vs. Bucs game. Gonna be good.

  24. I'm a die hard buffalo fan. That being said I love how bad the jets screwed up with Darnell. I knew he was good!!!

  25. if your fantasy lineup aint got CMC
    sorry bro

  26. This game was much closer than the final score indicates. You really gotta watch the whole game .
    Texans are waaay better than people give hem credit for. & That's a fact at this point .

  27. I had Robby Anderson as my flex option in fantasy for this game. It did not end well 😖

  28. Sad to see the NFL get so boring and insufferable. Never imagined it after following it for +20 years.

  29. NFL was the best passtime to watch years ago.I havent watched an nfl game since 2014 when they turned into a marxist platform.

  30. Crazy how this video got to 1 million in 1 day 😨

  31. Let's see how good Zach Wilson is once he's out of the NYJ hands

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  33. McCaffrey, is all that, and a bag of chips, unfortunately, his small stature, can only endure so much punishment, and now with a longer season, his endurance will be put to the test!

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