Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights -

Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights

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  1. 5:49 "Drops him like a bad habit" man these broadcasters have awesome analogies.

  2. Let’s go on a streak after the bye HORNS UP

  3. Your thumbnail gives away who won the game. Please stop.. I want to watch the highlights because I may not have watched the game.

  4. Сначала я подумал, что в матче будет редкая дуэль белых, но не между QB, а дуэль: Купп vs Маккафри. Как же я ошибался! У Пантерз ни шанса в этой игре

    Атака Пантерз – её не было, QB к началу 4-й четверти набрал всего 45 ярдов! Самым продуктивным на выносе и на приеме был Маккафри, но этого мало.

    Защита Пантерз давала Стэффорду время на принятие решения. D-Line Пантерз не доставляла проблем QB Рэмс.

    В таких условиях Стэффорд вёл атаку уверенно и довел до победы. Никаких проблем

  5. It was not a easy win for the Rams against the Panthers like I thought it was gonna be.

  6. I see the Panthers went with an affirmative action quarterback. The problem is not Mayfield who is the best they have; the problem is a weak line and anemic receivers. Mayfield has suffered that for his entire career.

  7. ầy sống thật thà chân chất như thế này tiền bạc có thể không nhiều nhưng sẽ được rất nhiều thứ khác nhé <3

  8. niners fan Just came here to see how Mccaffery's gonna do. Dang we got a lot of talent on offense

  9. This is the last game Christian McCaffrey played for the Carolina Panthers.

  10. Stafford is very underrated QB in the NFL, even though he has one ring as Rodgers

  11. Who’s hers after CMC just got traded to 49ers😶‍🌫️

  12. Panthers might as well trade everyone that's worth something at this point and actually tank

  13. Panthers whole offense built around CMC and they traded his ass lol

  14. panthers are pure muck couldnt beat their way out of a soggy brown paper bag

  15. Ready to see McCaffery's revenge game against the Rams! Go Niners!!!

  16. The Panthers got pushed around all game, they need more protein and potatoes!

  17. 1:30
    this Jones tackle on McCaffrey is a bit like a suplex and in my opinion theres no place in football for moves like that.
    since we all saw something similar happen to Tua Tagovailoa and the devastating result and potentially serious injuries,
    i don't understand why players still feel the need to approach a nearly stopped opponent in this way, they are nothing but gambling with his health!
    it doesn't need rules for everything, but players who should eventually realize that they have to stop doing it.
    i know football isn't a childrens birthday party, but there are so many more ways to attack a player – and sometimes the tackle itself was done but they have to finish off the other guy for real.
    i felt a shiver down my spine when I saw that tackle and immediately thought of Tua – luckily McCaffrey was able to continue playing unfazed.

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