Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights -

Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights

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  1. 10:30 For how much crap Mariota gets for missing receivers, it would help if they could look for the ball! This is a perfect ball…should be a TD

  2. What’s crazy is Cordarelle Patterson broke the record that Devin Hester set (as a Falcon) against the Bears which was Devin Hester’s old team

  3. Fields is really good, deserves a better record.

  4. Y’all are real AF for showing that one handed catch again.

  5. Sad, a pretty cool Bears Team is basically out now…they just missed so many opportunities these last few games…Fields may develop well for next season hopefully

  6. The bears are pretty bad at running those screen passes lol

  7. Fields can't throw, his body is gonna take a beating, he's only gonna be able to do this for 3 years

  8. Atlanta Falcons are winning because Nascar 2020 Champion Chase Elliott was in the building!🏆🏁

  9. I counted 3 different commentators curses. Just stfu until after the play please lol

  10. It's not fair to know the result because of the presentation picture😡

  11. Fields downed per the falcons. what a good game !

  12. I leave this comment every week. Atlanta defense can NOT TACKLE. LACK OF HEART.

  13. All that runnin is gonna get Fields killed!

  14. Falcons better keep Patterson if they know what's good for them. I think too few of the teams he's been on knew how to use him, but I think putting him as an RB that is already known to be a strong receiver instead of the other way around is that way. And considering that having a kick return specialist isn't something especially common, having someone who you know is gonna field the ball well and possibly even get a TD off the kickoff should make him more than worth it.

  15. i swear there were more bears fans here than falcons

  16. Mariota blows, as a falcons fan. Time for Ridder, we're tried of marcus mistakes and mediocrity.

  17. Not a fan of either team at all but that was an exciting ass game!

  18. Cp84 beast& jarret playing good this year rise ⬆️.

  19. It’s always a lot of opposing teams fans in the stadium more than Atl fans

  20. Mercedes-Benz Stadium sounded like Soldier Field, Jr.!! 😂😂 Gotta love Bears fans!! 🐻⬇️

  21. До момента волшебного возврата Петтерсоном (Falcons) от своей EZ до EZ соперника в игре команды из Атланты самым симпатичным элементом была их красно-черная форма.

    Bears в 1-й половине классно наказывали Falcons за ошибки (2 фамбла) и при 17:7 выглядели, как команда, которая уверенно заберет этот матч, но потом случился сумасшедший забег Петтерсона 🙂

    Мариота (QB, Falcons), это нестабильный среднего уровня пасующий, который и бегун скромный, но бежит лучше, чем пасует. Он сильно обедняет атаку Falcons, которым остается уповать на вынос.

    Защита Falcons только во 2-й половине начала справляться с супер подвижным Филдсом (QB, Bears). Falcons мне не понравились, победе Bears в этот раз я был бы рад

    Атака Bears очень зависит от кондиций Филдса. Как только он устает, атака уже не может двигать мяч. Не хватает стабильно открывающихся WR? На выносе не хватает скиллов Монтгомери? Не хватает надежности O-Line?

    А если атака у Bears не работает на полную мощность, то на защите это команда выехать никак не сможет, верно?

    Филдс очень крут! Я надеюсь, что он будет прокачивать свои бросковые навыки и скорость релиза, чтобы оставаться угрозой для соперника даже когда ноги уже не столь быстры. На одном атлетизме, мне кажется, долгую карьеру в НФЛ сделать не получится. Но за Филдса хочется болеть, хотя никогда Bears не привлекали

  22. Santos missed in the lions game that’s why we lost.

  23. I would’ve never guessed this game be that entertaining. Awesome game compared to ravens panthers ew

  24. The kicker on CP td. Had a good shot at him.

  25. The bears rush Defense is one of the last in the NFL, in the bears/Justin Fields, is Ranked number one in offensive sacks the bears is terrible on both sides of the ball.

  26. it gots to be some special gloves all these ridiculous one-handed catches nowadays something ain't right every wide receiver wearing gloves now plus tight ends too SMDH

  27. For the first time in a while the Bears are putting up points…but we're known for our defense…where the hell is that at? Hats off to the Falcons for winning this game. You guys earned it!

  28. “we’re supposed to be tanking for a top 3 pick”

  29. Fields throwing the interception was magnificent !

  30. Bears need to fire the special teams coach

  31. Like ONLY Justin Fields can do? REALLY? WTF are you guys smoking?

  32. Falcons letting receivers open like that then Washington goin have a ball this Sunday

  33. First year Falcons playing with heart in a very long time.

  34. Are refs getting dumber as the season go ..

  35. Bears winning super bowl 2022-2026 Mark my words

  36. I’m not even a bears fan but Justin fields deserves better man.

  37. One of the nastiest in the whole league this year. Kmet is an absolute dog.

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