Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 5 Game Highlights -

Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 5 Game Highlights

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  1. I know Justin is not pkaying well but he showed heart in this game. Kept fighting, kept fighting. I really do hope the Bears can unlock his full potential because those drop passes are not on him.

  2. Dantzler getting stiffed armed to the ground but then getting back up forcing a strip fumble is a lesson in not giving up.

  3. how on earth didnt he get out of bounds?

  4. The nfl is known for making African qbs go to shitty teams and the owner wants a white guy so wont bring in any talent and please everyone in the nfl is not there off talent

  5. Ok, NOT bad so far. The Vikes still need to improve somewhat, but they'll only get better. Raise your hand if our Field Goal Kicker still makes U nervous B4 his kicks… I get Night sweats.

  6. Shout out to #3 for Minnesota with strong arm robbery lmao that dude is dangerous!!!👀👀👀 someone needs to call 911!!!!

  7. Justin Jones DE #93 "Death Row" Inmate number 84. "Choke it up offense! Its sickening, who can score that many points. Zero"

  8. Cameron Dantzler DC#3 "Death Row" inmate number 89. "Killing me softly" It's a death, its called the offense"

  9. Chicago HAS to cut number 17 for that. That was beyond a fail. First you don't have sense enough to preserve clock by going out of bounds, then you get the ball taken away from you without much resistance. I wouldn't want to be that guy on the team plane back to Chicago. He's gotta go.

  10. When I say commenters make a game a lil type more exciting with their game narrations…Mooneys Catch with the comment sounding like he was physically standing abt the amazing one handed catch…makes you live Football over and over again! Great game! Amazing narration!

  11. Crazy to think Cousins was once Rg3 backup and still in the league while rg3 is not.

  12. Dude had the chance to make a nice play against his old team and doesn’t go out of bounds to save time, then gets stripped, unreal

  13. Vikings are pretty good this year. Even better, they don't have a primetime game until Week 12 (unless NBC puts them on a Sunday night game because of Flex scheduling). Things could be looking up for them.

  14. Editors, I get it. Its not an easy job churning these videos out. I appreciate your work. But please, FFS, please, stop cutting off field goals before they go through (or outside of) the goalposts! I've seen this happen in multiple videos now and it is so disjointing.

  15. What a hard fought football game by the
    Chicago Bears.🍿💪 For this team to rally📸
    around each other and completely fight
    towards the end, just goes to show you
    how much their overall toughness mattered.
    Velus Jones scored a touchdown, Darnell Mooney 🏈had some remarkable pass receptions, and Fields as a quarterback continues to impress me. I got to say Bears organization should be pleased 🔥with how Justin Fields played in that 2nd half. I know the ball was ripped away by Vikings at end
    but Chicago did manage to take the lead before being defeated. They earned 1 interception, blocked a punt or field goal,
    and continued to show real courage.
    Great game Kirk Cousins, Jefferson,
    and Dalvin Cook. When Vikings run with
    football they can be pretty successful.
    And seeing Thielen catch some passes
    helped some too. Bears dont get discouraged by nobody believe me. I believe Montgomery
    is the one player who sets the tone for offense each week. He and Herbert together look out. Bears can still be dangerous.

  16. That's why he's a former Viking lmaoooooooooo

  17. The game we would have won if they didn't call the illegal block in the back and rescind the touchdown, which 100% hands down was an AWFUL call it was not at all an illegal block. NOTICE EVERYONE…that 50 yard touchdown run is nowhere to be found in these highlights. You know why

  18. Kirk cousins was excellent to start the game. That interception shouldn't have happened, because that holding call just before was bad. Both teams look good, but I was surprised by Cousins.

  19. Cook staying healthy all season is the X factor for going into the playoffs.

  20. That strip has to be nominated for top plays of the year


  22. To whom makes these videos… Act like we haven't seen the plays and show the whole play !!!! You either suck at your job or just don't care, you cut half of the plays short so we don't know if the kick was good or a catch get caught… Don't show a part of a play, but the whole play… Or just stop and let someone who actually cares , make the video's ! I've seen better clips made by elementary school students with special needs…

  23. Damn you gotta feel bad for Vikings fans

  24. Lol bro at the end should have went out of bonds in the first place clock going down

  25. MOTHERF_CK VELUS JONES, JR.! Tonight vs the Commanders was the 2nd punt return fumble that he has lost this season! He's a bum! Get. Him. The. F_ck. Outta. Returning. Punts.

  26. I feel sorry for Justin the bears have ruined quarterbacks for years please bro u have a future GET OUT this family all about they self u got future leave chicago HATER USA

  27. So in a "normal" world, I would expect the Bears to cut that WR. But let's be honest, the McCaskeys are operating on a complete different plane of existence. So I would assume that they offered him a contract extension and made him the highest paid player on the team.

  28. 5 games in and they've played all of their divisional home games

  29. Justin Jefferson is such a solid piece, Adam Thielen is great as well

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