Chiefs vs. Buccaneers | Super Bowl LV Game Highlights -

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers | Super Bowl LV Game Highlights

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.

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  1. The Buccaneers were too good in this game. You can tell they really practice

  2. If you ever answer this who will be the goat if Mahomes has 8 rings by the end and breaks Brady’s passing record will Brady still be the goat

  3. Don’t worry 49ers fans beating the chiefs isn’t for everyone

  4. One thing that isn’t looked at enough. Tom beat Patrick essentially for two SB’s. Two. One in arrowhead to go to and win, and one in the big game itself. So the more Patrick wins, the better these wins age.

  5. Not a fan of either team but looking back at this game now, especially after Super Bowl 58, one thing is clear – the Bucs won the battle but the Chiefs won the war.

  6. Bro Tyreek,Travis and Patrick Mahomes were the only ones doing good

  7. Mahomes got spanked by hIs daddy Tom Brady. Funny how people forget that this happened.

  8. How many calls in the first half did Brady get!! 7-8?? Int taken away, field goal taken away, 25 yards forward… people say mahomes gets calls… the refs won this game for Brady not the bucs. And I’m not one to ever say that and blame the refs for everything, but this game was just ridiculous with calls against kc.

  9. I like this Super Bowl a lot more now

  10. I show this video to anyone that says Kelce is the best TE ever. People listen! The only correct answer is THE GRONK

  11. After seeing the Chiefs go back-to-back it really makes you wonder how this bucs defense and offense were just so good, didnt even let Pat or Kelce get a TD. Were the 2021 Bucs the dynasty antidote?

  12. This is what the last 2 Super Bowls would have looked like if the refs didn’t coddle Mahomes so much.

  13. Mahomes needs about 5 more years to see if He is comparable to Brady..

  14. One of the best teams in NFL history.

  15. I just watched the weekends halftime show and I was like yk what I’ll just watch the chiefs lose here 😭😭😭

  16. as a chiefs fan ggs bucs but idk what we are doing first our wrs are dropping easy pases mahomes even did the best throw at 9:03 how do you even drop that but the bucs defence hands down perfect but ggs

  17. Dang. Chiefs got flaged a mother load of times

  18. Tom Brady really asked the bucs, “y’all wanna have a cool ring?”

  19. mahomes’s higher pitched cadence in the superbowl at 0:02 sounds very scary! maybe he’s scared about all the beefy dudes cracking that little cretin the knee 😂

  20. Brady vs Patrick
    Pai colocando filho no colo e ensinando 😂

  21. Mahomes be hella scare to get tackled 😅

  22. Even in 2024 I love watching mahomes lose

  23. The chiefs didn't look like the chiefs at all. Since that superbowl they've won two Superbowls. I love my eagles but i love football more and i gotta appreciate how they have adapted since this Superbowl. I cant hate the chiefs but i need to see them lose like this again. Im thinking a great dline could get it done but the chiefs have gone to a quick passing game offense.

  24. Bro if it’s the buccaneers home then why are they not wearing their home jerseys?

  25. The fact that Brady’s weapons included Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Leonard Fournette, Shady McCoy, and Rob Gronkowski.

    That’s just insane.

  26. Chiefs beat us In the AFC Championship just to get smacked up by the Buccaneers. Good Job 👍

  27. The key in this game was Lavonte David covering Travis all over the field

  28. How are people saying Mahones is in the GOAT conversation when in this game he proved when the stakes is highest and pressure is greatest he cannot deliver. It was on him to make the plays and all he did was run like a little chicken. He will never eclipse Brady

  29. sometimes i go back to this game to watch what happens to the chiefs when an actual team meets them in the games that matter. they get absolutely humiliated. take notes, bills, ravens, 49ers, eagles… this team is only a juggernaut now because your franchises are simply failures.

  30. Terrible game but just love watching the "new patriots" getting destroyed and exposed for what they are. 😄

  31. That Tampa D line was playing out of their minds

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  33. I forgot that Mahomes played Tom Brady IN a Super Bowl! And got whipped!

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