Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2020 -

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2020

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season.

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  1. as a bucs fan i expected this from the super bowl

  2. I’m stuck here watching this because of a prank ;-;

  3. Love how 4 months ago everyone was roasting the Bucs but now that they won they're "StAcKeD"

  4. Me trying to find a comment that doesn’t say “who’s here after”

  5. Notice that KC fizzled out in the redzone … what happened in the Super Bowl? RIGHT.

  6. Kansas city doing all that and rematch in the super bowl lv and lost3

  7. How ironic the last Bucs loss was this game! 😂

  8. Oh how I will remember Tampa Bay fans coming to this highlight clip talking about the super bowl. I will also remember what it was when we had our OL. TB crushed us on the line and Mahomes was pressured more times ever in a SB. Lets see what happens again if we play and we have an OL. Only a simpleton will say KC lost otherwise….1/5 actual starting OL in the Super Bowl, not great

  9. Tyreek hill single handedly won my fantasy game this week.

  10. I wish that this game was the Super Bowl than that crap we saw in the big game

  11. So what happened between this game and the superbowl? Did KC lose some of their OL to injuries?

  12. All that flexing and flipping only to get curb stomped in the Superbowl. Enjoy the remnants of your aborted dynasty Kansas City. Frauds forever

  13. I mean the buccs got destroyed but they won the super bowl

  14. This was KC first win vs The Bucs in 28 years all the way back in 1993 season. Bucs always tend to play KC amazingly well for the most part.

    So it was not so shocking that my Bucs beat them in the Super bowl

  15. Amazing how poorly the Bucs played throughout this game, and Brady still would have lead them to a "W" if not for ball possession at the end. Mahomes is overrated.

  16. Kansas City Chiefs Offense is ridiculously Good!!!!!!!!!

  17. Patrick Mahomes was just a raw talent that Andy Reid turned into absolute stud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. My bucs won when it mattered the most
    # playoffs 🤗

  19. Hill,does great in this game,but HORRIBLE in the Super Bowl.

  20. Tampa Bay figured out Kansas City in the second half and never lost again.

  21. I wonder how the buc beat the chiefs so badly but this went dfiferent.

  22. Well this was the last game when the buccaneers were just an average team and Brady’s washed up – Brady needs a super team 😂😂😂

  23. Game was just a prelude of what was to come, Buccs destroyed Chiefs when it counted the most, Super Bowl, nothing else matters.

  24. This is what happens when the chiefs have decent o linemen.

  25. they cut the video off before we could hear the Legendary Romo Super Bowl Prediction, C'mon Man!

  26. Tyreek Hill should have saved some of those yards for the Superbowl. The Buccaneers saved their TDs

  27. It says a lot that this was the year I finally understood and respected Brady's brilliance, especially when he beat my team in the Super Bowl.

  28. If there’s any team that has a great chance at a perfect season it’s this 2021-22 Bucs team!

  29. Chiefs coming for revenge this year.

  30. Let’s just pretend this was the Super Bowl

  31. If their first meeting that year was in SB it would be a big question who would win. Probably KC.

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