Chiefs vs Ravens Full Game -

Chiefs vs Ravens Full Game

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  1. Unedited full game,good quality .im a fan.

  2. I was pulling for KC , but it was a heck-of-a-game : – )

  3. To be honest the Chiefs in my opinion have never recovered from this game. Their swagger and play style has changed so much from this game.

  4. Bro u da goat respect 💯🙏 #bigtruzz ravens flokk😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  5. I’ve never been prouder to be a part of #RavensFlock than being there and watching this EPIC game! It was my 26th birthday present!

  6. One of one my fav games this year and I’m a packers fan but I love Lamar nothing but love for the flock 💕

  7. Which ravens fans are here after the ravens missed the playoffs due to injuries?

  8. Collingsworth is the worst commentator ever.
    Bias af against all young black qbs.

  9. Good game 🥤😚💣💥💯😏👍🏼

  10. Ya know how a lot of guys when they are saying their names, get a little hinky? Aaron Rogers…Butte CC…etc. I"m waiting for one dude to just say…"Fred whatever…"Fred…2 loving parents". Just thinking.

  11. As a Browns fan i hate the Ravens on multiple levels but they are fun to watch . Now the Idea of Deshuan and Lamar twice a year? Sign me up .

  12. Personally as a Bengals fan, I think the Ravens as a team are pretty cool. Decent defense and offense. WHO DEY

  13. I love how you left the year out; its 2021 reg season, which is why its still up I get blocked anything 2018 or later. Epic game.

  14. The greatest game I've ever been to in any sport ever. Holy shit. Greatest night of my life

  15. Wow, they beat us once, nothing to celebrate about, try winning a playoff game first

  16. Don’t unders how ppl watch this and come away with Lamar can’t throw . He made some bad decisions but can’t throw the ball? Every pass he seemed capable of making through arm talent. I seen terrible WR play honestly. The attention to detail for there WRs is terrible when it comes to routes and catching w their hands. But they did play extremely well in the run game though

  17. it's pretty incredible how Lamar Jackson can make multiple bad decisions and not read the safety and still lead the ravens to 36 points. He's special.

  18. the crowd noise at 2:09:01 when CEH fumbles and at 2:13:10 when lamar ices the game is almost instantaneous. football is incredible.

    edit: that jump pass TD at 1:22:19 by lamar is some magical stuff too.

  19. I was there In person and this was the loudest crowd I've ever been apart of lmao. I've been to a couple of Cincy/Ravens games and Panther games since I live in NC, but this is hands down the craziest game I've ever been apart of and prob the banks greatest home opener .

  20. “Lamar! You want to go for this?!” – Coach John Harbaugh 💫🔥

  21. Man can someone upload the 2018 chiefs ravens game

  22. 1 of the greatest games between 2 Street ball Legends in Jackson & Mahomes……🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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