Chiefs vs. Washington Football Team Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Chiefs vs. Washington Football Team Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Washington Football Team during Week 6 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. Dude carrying ball looks like pj Washington getting choked by Brittany Rener. Lol

  2. I hope the Chiefs keep on improving like this!

  3. You can tell Mahomes is still the golden boy for the nfl, and the refs were directed to sway it their way. Multiple penalties the Chiefs committed not called, and Mahomes and Hill played like crap and were given breaks. NFL= national fake league. Also no I am not a Redskins fan just complaining because "my team lost"….I watch all games and my team is the Seahawks.

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  5. Disgusting act by Patrick Mahomes' lowlife brother, dancing on the retired number of a dead player. If the NFL has any balls, they'll ban him from attending matches on the sidelines.

  6. Chiefs gonna lose to the cowboys they keep playing cocky in the 1st quarter

  7. they should name the team ''skins'' and have them play without jerseys

  8. The Washitaw CAUKAZOIDS! That should be the new team name!

  9. Do you Washington fans just still call your guys the skins? It's sucks. Such a classic emblem.

  10. Is it just me or incredibly embarassing that washingon is still just called "Washington football team"… it's like they're an afterthought at this point.

  11. Patrick Mahomes has 50% of WFT's interceptions so far this year

  12. That Qb for Washington is trash cost them the game

  13. Mahomes never wanna get sack that’s how he lose games 😂

  14. Mahomes has to stop to throw out of sack

  15. Derrick running threw yall ass yall happy yall shut down Washington fire Dat DC yall gotta go get yall a Dan Quinn type homie got the Boyz flying around and we don't gotta alot of studs on defense

  16. The one thing the AFC West can agree is that Jackson Mahomes needs to go lmao 😂 and he doesn’t even play wtf. I’m a raider fan but we don’t need that type of dancing

  17. Chase young is easily becoming one of the most unlikable players in the league

  18. This low five at 2:58 is one of the best fair play moments I've ever seen. Or they had a bet on that interception 😀

  19. field goals should be worth 2 pts. since 50 yarders are so easy now.

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  21. The WTF's defense has been horrendous all season, led by Chase Young. If you isolate on him, there are times he's supposed to rush the passer and then just stops. He's a lazy ass who needs to find the bench.

  22. Chiefs Cardinals Super Bowl 56 Cardinals by 7

  23. Mahomes is still mahomes. Watch the plays with a clean pocket vs constantly stepping up or out. His wrs aren't helping much either. No run game is ever established either.


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  26. Our 2 Indian teams duking it out! Nice!✊🏻😂

  27. Nice run by mahomes! I think byron pringle could be the chiefs #2 receiver. Mahomes should've thrown that ball away or just taken the sack when the 2nd quarter was winding down. I started Taylor heinicke this game!🤦🏻‍♂️😭Nice shovel pass to kelce. I also starter darrel Williams this game!😎 lmao, taylor heinicke couldn't be sacked on that 1 play!💪🏼 ik that heinicke interception hurt me in fantasy but that was just too funny how he got it picked!🤦🏻‍♂️😂 BIG BOI!!💪🏼

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