Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 2 Highlights -

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

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  1. Did anyone peep the glitch on running back Joe Mixon starting at 8:20. When he gets up his number is 20 wth😮

  2. Rush gets the ball out very quickly, those roughing the quarterback calls were bs

  3. I don't think nothing has changed with the Bengals offensive line it's still the same problems from last year they better fix it or else burrows gonna end up having a short career just like luck did they play against the jets it should be a win for them but Jets aren't gonna go down without a fight Bengals stretch of games isnt good for them ecspecially if their oline doesn't get it together it's looking like will be a long season for Cincinnati

  4. Honestly, Joe should demand a trade if his O-Line continues to fail him. Otherwise, he won't last

  5. I'm a Bengal supporter and have been for 20 odd years and I really think this team will go places

  6. HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!💙💙💙🇺🇸

  7. Mhm good job boys, but the Bengals o line scares me. I love good games, boys got lucky. Eagles vs cowboys is the real game I'm waiting for till than good job boys. I want to see them blow giants out the water

  8. Cowboys playing like that wont make it past week 1 of the playoff's. As a fan I'm almost done with the "Dak" hype. If he gets hurt again, after this heal up, He start to look injury prone but im sure Jerry will keep him 10 years.

  9. Geez. How much did they spend on that o-line? They better get their money back

  10. Hits are way too harsh? Psht I love watching Burrow get pummeled, late or not

  11. Praise GOD! Please pray for me Nathan, my health, and my family, and my step dad Marty in JESUS CHRIST NAME Amen.

  12. Cowboys are a disgrace Jones ruined this franchise Dak Prescott and Elliot are a joke from day 1. Dallas will go nowhere for many years to come.

  13. On that 2nd 16 in the 2nd q w ab 12-13 mins left he burrow shouldn’t of slid he shoulda grabbed the first and took the hit Bc bengals needed this game Bc the afc is stacked cowboys needed this for any chance to win the division Bc the Eagles are mean asf lol but bengals needed this more simply Bc of the afc i got ravens winning the north and Eagles grabbin the east and 1 seed Dallas gonna snag up that 6-7 seed and first round L to Tampa

  14. I really think we had a better chance with rush last year in the playoffs I think pollard is better then zeke zeke is a better blocker

  15. Notwithstanding anything else, I really like Cooper Rush's throwing motion.

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  17. Cooper rush is our franchise QB

  18. This game was good to watch but awful 😂 bengals cant beat the trash cowboys 😭

  19. Romans 10:9 ~ That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 🤩Repent & accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior!

  20. what's up with bengals they haven't looked good these first two games 🤔

  21. Cooper Rush looks like the greatest backup quarterback in a long time for the Cowboys.

  22. Why do the Bengals O-line hate Burrow so much? It’s like they want him to get hit.

  23. What happened to Cincinnati 🤦🏿‍♂️

  24. Great! This win is going to delude Cowboys fans and the already delusional Jerry Jones into thinking of Another Super Bowl ring. They are not getting another ring. Not as long as Mike McCarthy is head coach, not as long as Jerry Jones is still owner. Deal with it!

  25. Artutr Brabwell Washingtonianshave

  26. Penalties are a part of the refs' ritual when it comes to the Cowboys

  27. I hope the Cowgirls are in a ( Rush ) 😉😉 to replace Dak ( can't handle pressure) Prescott !!! And while they're at it let Pollard be the main running back he has more heart and drive !!! I don't think anyone will miss Esuckiel Elliot !!! 🍻

  28. Bengal’s O line: Alright we got to protect Joe Burrow. 1 second later: Hey look, a birdie.

  29. Cooper Rush is a better QB than Prescott lol😂

  30. Our offense is way 2 lit 4 this shyt it's the play calling

  31. I’m noticing they’re really maki my an effort to use Tony Pollard more and I couldn’t be happier! He needs to be utilized a lot more

  32. What the hell is wrong with the Bengals offensive line???😭

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