Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 2 Highlights -

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

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  1. I said dak wasn’t good since he first took romos spot and y’all didn’t believe me smh.

  2. Higgins got away with a big pushoff to set up a tying score towards the end of the game. Karma that we still won the game. Go Cowboys! Dak, please get better soon!

  3. Everybody talks about the sacks, but did you actually see the sacks? They were brutal…. shiesty can't keep taking those hits


  5. I’m just gonna say it I think cooper rush is better than dak

  6. at least we know we can count on rush to win us a game, he already got us a win against the vikings and now against the bengals. and i love our defense, they got better from last year and that’s cause last year they were crazy good too

  7. I'm rooting for the cowboys now and the red-headed stepchild QB, overrated Dak and that W girl left it all in the bedroom, he can't think straight , it's like kryptonite to the brotha.

  8. I’m happy we got the W but at the same time not really. Cooper rush had some good drives but idk how he’ll do against teams with a great defense. Still hope Moore makes adjustments when needed when Dak is back. I still say Dallas should draft a QB in this upcoming draft

  9. Cowboys will get better in about five more years

  10. yeesh 🤦🏾‍♂️. Gotta feel for Joe. 04:02 shows that as soon as he finishes his drop, every linemen except his LT has already been beat lol 😂. How is that even possible?? And the fact that it’s a common occurrence is just baffling. This O line is worse than what Luck had. It’s hard to watch. Theyre being negligent w/ this man’s career by blocking that bad

  11. 6:50 I think this incompletion might be due to Burrow feeling a rush that wasn’t there. He been getting tossed all game, so on 3rd he assume he’s gotta get rid of it super quick. But this 3rd down he actually had time, but didn’t trust it b

  12. NFL, please stop putting the winning team in the thumbnail of the highlights!

  13. That's 10k I'll never get back.
    New year, same trash line.
    Some things never change.

  14. I'm glad to see the Bengals back in shape. Bengals' shape that is! 🤣

  15. Nobody touched Burrow when he slid @ 3:00 he should of took off running again after he got up lol

  16. Thank god for Jim nance. How would we know what we're seeing if he didn't tell us the down, who's running the ball, the score, time left & who scored ?

  17. Dude I swear, the tackling/hitting the qb rules are so dumb. Mind as well make tackling qbs a penalty

  18. The cowboys were so happy that they won a game😂😂😂

  19. Zeke is trash. This aint college football no more bud 🤣👋 Start pollard already coach 🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. Cowboys need to play like this in playoff games!!!

  21. Only reason Bengals lost that Defense was not there tonight at all and that offensive line man…… Give mans some time

  22. I kept telling everyone that the Cincinnati Offensive Lineman's Salary should be docked for not doing the Job that they're being paid for!

  23. I laugh whenever the players make the closed fist signal for 4th down as though its going to influence the refs decision or something…..

  24. I've seen at least 3 maybe 4 sacks that are to some extent are joes fault, not the olines

  25. Spoiler alert: It actually takes a large bit of excitement away if you always show the winning team in the thumbail – please vary a bit so there's more excitement watching it

  26. This is the same offensive line that started the Superbowl for the Bengals.🤫

  27. Still don’t understand why we haven’t traded zeke 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. 1:08 Micah was so dman close. If he picks that, it’s to the crib and that me one of the most athletic plays in nfl history

  29. They needed that W..Rush can win with the right play calling and the young defense is getting better and playing well..#DC4L

  30. If cin was more prepared on defense and could protect better they would win. Bengals are physically great still but they need that extra level of thought.

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