Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 AFC Championship Game Highlights -

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 AFC Championship Game Highlights

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  1. The 2 best qbs in my opinion. Both smart af and willing to do whatever they can for the team to get a win

  2. Just needed a reminder that mvs used to know how to catch the ball

  3. game was rigged wtf was the redo about

  4. This game wasn't as close as it looked

  5. The NFL refs and Kermit rigged the game against Joe Shiesty and the Cincinnati Bengals! Fixed playoffs

  6. Bengals fans still complaining about this clearly late hit out of bounds. He wasout of bounds. Get over it

  7. I love how watching the highlights makes it look like this was a normal game, when it was below zero degrees

  8. We're going back to the super bowl wooooooo Chief's Kingdom

  9. You would never know that Pat was just a week removed from a badly sprained ankle..dude is just a winner plain and simple

  10. and we are back in the conference championship for the 6th time just in a different venue

  11. I forgot we had 3 back up offensive linemen, and still somehow almost won…

  12. This rivalry here mahomes vs burrow🤦‍♂️

  13. Are the bengal fans still crying??? Lol, we all know chase is.

  14. All real NFL fans knows refs robbed Joe Burrow and Cincinnati Bengals facts.!!”

  15. I love competitiveness but the taunts before the game were uncalled for and thus leading to their demise. That was unsportsmanlike and well deserved lol they apparently did not learn from the 49ers who lost again but great game anyhow

  16. If Burrow stays healthy he will surpass Mahomes in rings

  17. Mahomes just flopped like he did against the ravens

  18. Over a year later and Bengals fans still crying about the refs even though the tear well dried up.

  19. You can tell how motivated The Chiefs were to win this game to avenge the previous year's loss, especially the defense.

  20. This year burrow better bring his A game

  21. No matter which side your on. Everytime these teams play it’s incredibly close. Both teams are filled with talent.

  22. KC helped again by the refs. Can’t win it on their own.

  23. And I bet Chase was eating his words after he was asked who he rather see in the Super Bowl 😂😂😂😂

  24. Fire Duke Tobin ! Hire Bill Bilichek as General Manager ! Then a Roster will be built ! Offensive line will be built !

  25. Bad call to end that game. Let em play championship football start to finish.

  26. Bengals fans calling it rigged is hilarious, considering last year how lucky the Bengals got time and time again. Hold the L.

  27. and now it's chiefs 4 super bowls >>>> bengals 0. poverty franchise and i'm not a chiefs fan saying this.

  28. Not Kansas City's fault that your players are dirty and cheap

  29. Taking out the Bengals and the Ravens in the last 1 AFCCG was soooo satisfying.

  30. The AFC Championship Game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs is one that will be remembered for years to come, a thrilling showcase of talent, determination, and heart that captures the essence of playoff football in the NFL.

  31. Injury to insult for the guy who committed the unnecessary roughness that lost the game for Cincy was he hyperextended his knee on the play.

  32. Best part mahomes under the dogpile still fighting for the ball when he know he lost it😂 bro was not goin

  33. I remember when this game first happened, so many people were crying complaining about the refs but it was honestly a pretty clean game

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