Cleveland Browns vs. Carolina Panthers Game Highlights | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights -

Cleveland Browns vs. Carolina Panthers Game Highlights | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. It was a wild week in the nfl panthers loose by two 2⃣ my 49ers loose to the bears in the rain ☔ broncos loose to Seahawks wow get ready for week 2 teams are either bounce back 🔙 or take a look at yourself in the mirror and say positive things about your 🏙

  2. Wait till Watson comes back the offense is gonna be crazy.

  3. Once again the Panthers can't get a franchise qb, actually sad.

  4. Baker and Russell barely loss to their old teams. That must suck

  5. Baker is a great game manager bt in Carolina he all they have really on offense

  6. Baker finally won an opening season game for the Browns! lol

  7. Panthers arnt gonna do well this year

  8. how the hell dont you ice the kicker ?!?

  9. Am i the only one who reads the comments while the un-skippable ads play?

  10. 🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️

  11. They can't keep hitting Baker like that he needs protection. Cleveland putting the game in the hands of the football kicker.

  12. 2:52 Watch the slot receiver and Mayfield's connection there. Then tell me how this is Mayfields part and how the receiver shouldn't have just put literally any effort into catching that ball.

  13. Baker and Russ both played and lost to their original team

  14. That roughing the passer call at around 2:15 is trash…

  15. The spike was illegal. It's insane how bad the refs got in the 4th in this game.

  16. Tell you what, Mr. Mayfield looked good in this game, as far as how he played. Congrats to the Browns by the way, first away win in decades. I can’t get mad considering the underdog team of the NFL won the game.

  17. Where was the BS roughing the passer call on the browns final drive??

  18. That interception at 2:59 is awful and demonstrates that Baker Mayfield is a 1 read quarterback.

  19. Panthers d: “we need to stop the run.”

    Panthers D line: “no, no we don’t think we will”

  20. No lie. That Pi call was bs. As a cowboys fan that ball was way too underthrown for that tackle to make a difference whether he was tackled or not.

  21. Browns fan here, glad we got the W and it looks like Baker may have landed on his feet. Wish him well when we don’t play him. Future is bright for both teams

  22. These QB are probably two of the worst in the league

  23. Love old school heavy run with some passing. It wears the other team down.

  24. Different QB different season…… same results….pussycats lose again

  25. My boy Cade York win the game for the Browns lets go

  26. Some type of miscommunication between mayfield and the center. Along with some really bad pass blocking mayfield didn’t have much of a chance.

  27. What mayfield gonna do with a o line like that ? They ain’t protecting him at all?

  28. Dude #79, Full name is Ikemefuna (meaning "my effort will not be in vain".) Got lit up on several plays.

  29. Anyone notice that Carolina gets their stops when Derrick Brown is on the sidelines?

  30. Good win Cleveland,Nick Chubb running like a frieght train #Bulldogs🤣,making people miss..breaking ankles and feelings…,taking advantage,of these awesome amazing atlethes👀🤣…maybe next time Baker Mayfield…at least you got a touch down in front of ya fans…and McCaffrey was running like a rabbit on ice🤣….almost ironically like Chubbs style of running…slightly different…but over all it was a great game to watch😉…my Colts won…so thats all that really matters anyway right…🤷🏾‍♂️ well of course it does sillies😜…well until the next time my friends..signing out✌🏾😁…#ChristGang #E4L #GoColts #GoFaclons #Shalom🙏🏾

  31. that game winning kick was incredible. the english he put on it.

  32. McCaffrey isn't an every down back. That's why the Quarterback getting sacked so much. McCaffrey don't won't that smoke. He keep running to the flats on passing plays. I busted his ass. Ain't blocking a damn thing.

  33. Man, you must have no faith in your quarter back as Cleveland to not at least go for a throw on third down and potentially gain some yardage but instead they force their kicker to make an insane 58-yard kick to win.

  34. Cleveland being legendary continuing not being able to be good in the RedZone

  35. Seeing Baker Mayfield loose never gets old!🤣🤣🤣

  36. So happy Baker didn't get his revenge story.

  37. God forbid you “land with your weight” during a tackle. Are you kidding me?

  38. The NFL has made it so that proper tackling form is illegal on the quarterback. Soft

  39. baker proved, browns ain't all that they are beatable no doubt! wish baker a great season….

  40. York is just beautiful to watch, Chubb is unstoppable. Great game

  41. I'm so happy Hunt got his act together this dude is a beast before the controversy and he proves he still is!

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