College Football "Almost Upset" Games 2021 -

College Football “Almost Upset” Games 2021

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A compilation of College Football Games in which teams nearly pulled off upsets during the 2021 season. The underdogs in these games were expected to lose, even possibly get blown out, but instead they kept it close and came a few plays away from knocking off teams that were ranked much higher than them. Watch all 40 minutes to relive some of the best games from this past college football season including the overtime thriller between Notre Dame and Florida State and the quadruple overtime classic in the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn. Enjoy!

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  1. This video could have just been all 9 of Nebraska’s losses and stopped there. God I feel so bad for them.

  2. Thank you for not adding nebraska vs iowa.

  3. It was only right that Nebraska played oklahoma for the year each one had. Imagine if Nebraska pilled off a close one against them/oklahoma blew a close one though, all rules of nature and laws of physics would have been disregarded.

  4. I'm wondering how many Nebraska games are on this.

  5. As a Michigan fan, i am still shocked we won all those games, we should have and deserved to lose all of them

  6. All of Nebraska's games, also they didn't add it but we lost to Iowa by 7 when we choked the hardest anyones seen someone choke a game, Iowa scored 28 in the 4th

  7. My Huskers need their own "almost" video for 2021…

  8. It's baffling the amount of times OU is on this list for being almost upset

  9. Its just Crazy that Nebraska almost upset every team, if they would of won all those upsets they would of been in a bowl game and high ranked

  10. Best part of this season was when Mike woods thought leaving Arkansas for oklahomo was a good idea and screwed himself

  11. As a husker fan I can’t see what’s to come

  12. Dude these are just Nebraska highlights

  13. death
    Nebraska choking a game at least once a season

  14. Man, I still think KU got robbed of a chance to win that game. The RB forward progress had been stopped and he was being driven back. And I'm still not convinced that the QB didn't just rip the ball out of his RB's hands and if he did that is a fumble, which can't be advanced by anyone but the RB. Also looking at it again, the RB might have passed the line of scrimmage and therefore the ball can't be handed off again anyway.

  15. Nebraska's entire season could've been on this

  16. 37:21. Auburn: We stopped them! They're out of the playoff!
    Bryce Young:

    Here I come to save the DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  17. It would have been funny if he put the texas kansas game on here 😂

  18. This video shouldve just been nebraskas whole season

  19. Lincoln Riley's greatest hits. USC's future.

  20. Haven't watched the vid yet. Is it just every Husker game vs. a ranked opponent? lol

  21. Crazy to see OK State nearly being upset by Missouri State and Tulsa. The same team that shocked Notre Dame

  22. I swear Nebraska is going to go from almost upsetting every team to almost blowing every game.

  23. Watching this as a nebraska fan hurts. The most somber scene I ever witnessed was the railyard (for people not familiar with Nebraska, it’s like a big square with bars and a huge screen that would play the game) after the Michigan game…still pretty sure god had it out for me. Was talking to this girl during the game after Nebraska took the lead in the 3rd quarter. She told me “if we win, we should hang out, if we lose please don’t talk to me for at a week”…well we see how that turned out

  24. i am a nebraska fan, why did i watch this?😑

  25. Is it me or has Martinez been at Nebraska for like a thousand years

  26. So many Missouri Valley teams playing the big 12 tough. I’d love to see the Dakota 4 in that conference.

  27. What about Arkansas losing to Alabama by only a td

  28. Iowa state fan here. UNI scares us every single year. I don’t know if they play up to us or if we play down but they always put up a really strong fight

  29. Northern Iowa and Iowa state games are close games alot.

  30. Mark my words. Nebraska will shock everyone and win the west this year. such a young team and with the coaching changes, the amazing portal pickups, and another year of experience for frost will work wonders. this will be a Bengals like transformation. 13-0 BABY

  31. So Nebraska is 11 plays away from being undefeated all season

  32. My guess is Oklahoma is in the majority of these.

  33. Why isn't Kansas vs. Texas on here? The fact Texas almost beat Kansas is ridiculous.

  34. These are all my favorite college football games because I totally love college football games on Saturday and that is straight facts 💯

  35. These was some closed college football games and that is straight facts 💯

  36. These are some of the best college football games on Saturday and that is straight facts i totally loves these college football games and that is straight facts 💯

  37. The fact that at 10:02 Jalen Virgil was able to continue pulling away from multiple defenders while putting a hesi on another shows how nuts his speed is.

  38. It’s so hard to be a husker fan, but after this season I have a little bit of hope

  39. As a nebraska fan, this is the most painful season of football of I've ever watched. That being said, I'm already 100% drinking the kool-aid for next seasin.

  40. OMG Tennessee loses by running out of bounds. LOL!!!!!

  41. Ima bama fan and if it makes anybody feel better we had 4 games on here

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