College Football Highest Scoring Games 2019-20 ᴴᴰ -

College Football Highest Scoring Games 2019-20 ᴴᴰ

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Highest scoring games from the 2019-20 college football season! All the games included resulted in a combined score of 95 or more.

Games Featured:
Navy vs. Houston
Kansas vs. Texas
SMU vs. Memphis
LSU vs. Vanderbilt
Oregon State vs. Washington State
East Carolina vs. SMU
Louisville vs. Wake Forest
UCLA vs. Washington State

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  1. Hope y'all enjoy! Leave some ideas down below!Instagram: @thecntacoigTwitter: @theCNtaco2

  2. You should do refree interference for college

  3. Here's an interesting fact. Vanderbilt scored more points against LSU last season than any other team except for Alabama and Texas.

  4. Hillary always shows up to call the game for ucla

  5. Wake Forest got that onside kick and UNC was out of bounds with 1 second left against WF this year. ACC refs suck balls

  6. So we really just watched a trash defense highlights.

  7. High scoring? No defense? Incoming AAC shootouts. I am shocked at the lack of Big 12 games tho, less than Pac? crazy. Another great video boss!

  8. That ECU QB has incredible roll out deep passes 😅😅 also whose that fast Gibson kid?!?!?

  9. when the whole defense is on holidays …. 😀

  10. Washington State out here blowing a 32 point lead to a winless team.

  11. Ok, had to sub because of this one. Keep it up!

  12. Lol UCLA'S D celebrating at the end of the game hyped cause they got their first W, but knowing damn well they let up 63 points and bouts get ripped at practice

  13. Alternate title: Should’ve taken the Over

  14. Games where the defense didn't show up.

  15. Did anyone else notice that Kansas had a DB named Defense?

  16. Wazzu’s downfall was they didn’t run the damn ball, you run the ball my Bruins ain’t coming back

  17. WSU's season this year made absolutely no sense.
    One game they score 63 points and lost
    Another game they gave up 53 points, turned the ball over 5 times and won.

  18. Man if only Washington State had a good defense they could have been an amazing team and also ranked in the top ten .

  19. I can't believe only one Big 12 matchup was on here

  20. I was in a game that finished 63- 93 West Texas A&M and Abilene Christian.

  21. Mississippi State fans saying Mike Leach will make the Bulldogs the highest scoring team in the league… lol Yeah okay will see how he does against defenses that don't play 2 miles off the line of scrimmage.

  22. ECU's QB looks pretty good for being a southpaw

  23. It's like screw the defense let's run up the scoreboard

  24. How did you leave out ASU vs TT?

  25. Im ready for the no defense Big12 highlights!!

  26. When Texas kicked that game winning field goal, the crowd reaction seemed more like a sigh of relief than cheering.

  27. LMAO – Texas vs that mighty mighty MIGHTY Kansas team.

  28. Why didn’t you do lay 72 aggies 74 bruh that’s the biggest one

  29. Number one should be every game of madden I play. Great at offense stink at defense

  30. Wake Forest beat Army 70-56 a few weeks ago. Just today, they lost to UNC 58-55

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