College Football Playoff National Championship Game Highlights: Alabama vs. Ohio State | ESPN -

College Football Playoff National Championship Game Highlights: Alabama vs. Ohio State | ESPN

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Watch the highlights as Mac Jones, DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris and the Alabama Crimson Tide take on Justin Fields and the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

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  1. College football is seriously boring it's always the same teams winning it. College football really needs a better system like a ncaa tournament style would make it better to watch. If they did this only tournament titles would count. Like college football is to basic and primitive it really needs to evolve into a tournament style. that's what's causing me to get bored of it pretty quickly.

  2. Heres the problem with old national titles in college football I don't know if they feel as relevant as old pro sports titles because national titles are to easy to win for certain teams. all what matters is if your team is if any good today even if you have 0 national titles if your a good team today your a good team national titles just don't feel that big in college football. Unless they expanded and evolved college football then those old national titles before the tournament just shouldn't count.

  3. Still cant believe My Ravens drafted the guy who said he wanted Smitty and got burnt to a crisp all game. Though they drafter a reciever with 4 TDs and Pass rusher with 0 sacks so they might just be crazy in the front office now

  4. CURB STOMP!!! OSU now all time record is 1-11 vs the mighty SEC. OSU not talented enough, tough enough or athletic enough to play against the SEC.

  5. Buckeyes fan here. Good job bama. But real football fans don’t hate in either teams in this game both unreal teams that worked hard it get here

  6. The talent gap between Ohio State and bama were quite obvious the last season we all played on an even playing field you know not 20+ covids to 0. Bama didn't even have cases when their coach got it. But the even steven year OSU was cheated out of a playoff victory and bama didn't make it conference championship game and lost to an auburn team that lost to 2 big ten teams in a years time. Remember that talent gap?

  7. Oklahoma would’ve played Alabama better than Ohio State did lmao. But nobody was beating this Bama team

  8. Let’s not gameplan for one of the most dynamic receivers in CFB history

  9. I swear Bama could’ve won 72-35 n people would say OHIO WAS CLOSE TO BEATING BAMA 😂

  10. This is why they trying to expand the playoffs, Alabama is too good lol

  11. Alabama is like the patriots of the NFL. Nobody likes them unless your one of their fans LOL.

  12. This time the OSU fans were actually much better than in 2014. BAMA's record vs OSU is 4-1. The SEC has the wins over Ohio State even S. Carolina 3-0. Yep. B1G should have kept OSU out of the playoffs instead of changing the rules to appease them and could have argued how great they were and all that non-sense. BAMA has SIX (6) National Titles in Eleven (11) years how many does OSU have. Hello "Crickets"

  13. If Ohio state didn’t have a defensive lineman covering mr heismann they probably could’ve won

  14. Bama does well for being a relatively small state. Just the Columbus Ohio metro area has nearly twice the population of the entire state of Alabama.

  15. I was really upset we did not win but at least we got revenge on Clemson we are the number 1 team 🖕

  16. I think Bama has a new FB in #40, great blocks by him.

  17. It's amazing how dominant Alabama has been since the begging of their program. Championship teams back in the great depression era, the 1960's-early 80's, the 1992 national championship team and then the dynasty that began in 2008-09. Bama has had some down years in between over the last 100 years but not very many loosing seasons. I'm not an Alabama fan but I respect their program and success. Alabama is arguably the most successful program in college football history and they will be successful in years to come.

  18. Steve Sarkisian was the real MVP of this game. Bama is really going to miss him. They will not be the same next year. Bill O’Brien? Really?

  19. Bama would probably been held to 38 had this been a normal year.

  20. Now looking back on this glad Mac Jones came to my Patriots he's something special for real

  21. Chris Fowler is not that good of an announcer

  22. Alabama: lowest in education

  23. So proud of SABAN and this BAMA team ROLL TIDE ROLL

  24. Poor big 10 or whatever they are called now.

  25. We will take revenge on bama under Ewers era.

  26. Ohio State Defensive Cordinator should of been fired after this game. Alabama was great and they should of won.. but not like that score.. OSU had Wade who played all season away from the WR.. anyone could of caught on him because he was playing not to get hurt all season… and how do you have a slow MLB covering D Smith?… should of played a diamond package 4-3-4 with 2 guys always deep.. and 2 under and add a SS instead of a MLB on 3rd and more than 3 to stop any crossing plays!

  27. Everyone:
    “omg LSU’s 2019 team was the best to ever play”
    2020 Bama:

  28. As a Michigan fan this is great to watch to forget we get destroyed every year by Ohio state

  29. I still can’t believe Ohio St fans believe they’re on Alabama’s level lol not even close 😭😭

  30. Ohio state's year to win the NC was in 2020 when they were robbed from playing LSU for the NC. I think OSU wins that NC game.

  31. The comfortable milkshake coincidently box because frog climatologically float save a homely computer. aback, jumpy road

  32. It ain't braggin if you can do it. BAMA DOES IT. ROLL TIDE

  33. I hope Ohio State and the coaches refer back to this beat down as motivation to try and win it all this season. They were simply dominated. They were trading blows evenly but then Ohio State settled for a fg making it 21-17. I knew the game was over at that point I just felt it. Still proud of the Buckeyes. If they win it all this year, this first thing out their mouths should be "To God Be The Glory". Go Buckeyes!

  34. AND….osu is inferior nationally this year too

  35. College Football Head Coach: "Football is a game of inches. Each inch of this ball can get you closer to your dreams of playing in the NFL."
    Recruit: "Coach, that's a soccer ball"
    Coach: "8 of the top 10 picks in this years draft started on my team last year, and I don't even know what a football looks like, son. You joining me or what?"

  36. devonta smtih and mac jones are just throwing buddies
    devonta smith and tua tagovailoa are hail mary buddies

  37. It Will Be REMATCH This Year Go Buckeyes Alabama Had A Great Team So Did Ohio state But This Year Is Tha Year To See I Think Ohio state Goes Up On Alabama 2-1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

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