College Football "Rare" Moments | Part 2 -

College Football “Rare” Moments | Part 2

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A compilation of moments that rarely occur in College Football Games. This includes events such as wacky plays, weird penalties, and many other random things that rarely occur. Some of these moments have occured multiple times, but overall they are very rare. Let me know if there are any plays that you believe I left out. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 3:

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  2. How about showing college football players studying for their classes? That would be rare.

  3. Wait… what the heck is the flag made of on the heavy side? A dart? Why isn't it a bean bag?

  4. That first clip reminds me of Remember the Titans xD "On the Quarterback coach? You gota be kidding me"

  5. This referee should be ejected from the game for being a pansie

  6. 7:36, this is the most ridiculous thing ever lol. What a way to turn the tables and lose a game

  7. 0:43 hes gonna get mad but hes the dumass that decided to target the dam dude

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  9. Does it need to be the crown because if so, that technically wouldn't be targeting

  10. Old Dominion using getting penalized to get the win. Smart.

  11. Well, targeting on the Offense is a rare moment, but on the QB is even more rare.

  12. I was there for the Louisiana Lafayette vs San Diego State University New Orleans bowl. I graduated from UL. That was our first bowl win in school history. I was sitting in SDSU's endzone, front row. Just left of their goal post. UL blew a lead with 37 seconds left and 0 time outs. We used the sidelines to get downfield. The last play, we didn't get out so we spiked the ball to stop the clock. The illegal Stemming call put the ball 5 yards closer for Brett. Oh the party on Bourbon Street that night was CRAZY! I live in New Orleans. Geaux Cajuns!

  13. The first one is a really bad call. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to prove he was definitely leading with the crown of his helmet. At least have some kind of yellow card system for these situations where he gets ejected if he does it again

  14. Sometimes the referee makes an honest mistake that changes the outcome of a game. It did look like the qb targeted a player, but he was trying to see the name on the jersey clearly, 27. It would have been extremely embarrassing to throw that pass to the wrong player. Just a qb trying to learn the game on the fly, starting from 0. Targeting is not even a thing.

  15. If you ask 10 refs what they consider targeting you'd get 6.467×10^220 answers. All depends on who's playing who.

  16. imagine how nervous you have to be to walk out of the end zone and then change your mind and take a knee for a safety

  17. 5:20 so I actually have some insight into the call given here. Since on field entertainment like band and cheer teams count as part of the home team's on field personnel, they are subjected to the same rules about interfering. They are not allowed to shout or make a show that disrupts play while the play is happening. I am part of a band and we are told specifically, you can stand and cheer, but as soon as the play starts your ass is in a seat, and you are quiet.

  18. That's BS period. This is 🏈 football not golf or table tennis.

  19. Weird things like that happen almost every time UGA plays So Carolina

  20. Why did that first announcer sound like mr. Rogers

  21. Racist confederate flags at Mississippi…well done

  22. Jesus is the only way into Heaven. Ask Him into your life. Cleanse you from ALL unrighteousness. Confess with your mouth that He is your Lord & your Savior. One day, YOU will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  23. If I had a nickel for Everytime I heard of a flag hitting a player in the eye while their wearing a helmet is have 2 nickels which is weird it happened twice

  24. Football is a shell of its former self. Taken over by the offended, participation trophy and time out generation

  25. These are the most insane football plays I have ever seen! 😱😱😱

  26. Marcus Murphy definitely didn’t see any holding on the touchdowns

  27. Junk call. You can clearly see the guy just got a good hit on the guy chasing his guy. At least based on the footage there is no reason to eject the QB.

  28. them special teams still haunting Nebraska to this day…

  29. Oh my . I was at that gator Missouri game where the got the kick off return TD . What are the chances

  30. 6:05 in case you're wondering, thats the Tennessee battle flag. Not the confederate flag.

  31. The Bowling Green team still beat Buffalo even though their coach was "DQ'ed."

  32. @14:25 Ruggs scores – what a sad situation that he has gotten himself into Nov. 2021.

  33. Cole, you maybe in some really 🤔 good corn 🌽 in short spots and the sieves are over loaded. Or you have a belt slipping. 🤔 Your in very good corn and that can be hard for the cleaning systems.? Slow down and see if that helps. Your head maybe too big for 280+ bu.corn.The sieves are getting behind what the head is putting in the combine. Kind of a nice thing to have? Good luck finding what's going on.

  34. any player who gets popped that hard byba qb loses their man card

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