College Football “The Game’s Not Over Yet” Moments -

College Football “The Game’s Not Over Yet” Moments

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While it rarely ever happens, fans have stormed the field before games have ended before. In situations when it appears that teams have won on a “Walk Off” but there is still one second left or a penalty occurred, fans rush the field.

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  1. How did that iron bowl where Chris Davis took back the field goal for a TD when they put 1 second back on the clock after a review(post calling the game over) for stepping out of bounds in time.

  2. I love to see BYU suffer – they are one of the dirtiest playing teams. Just a horrible program and horrible people.

  3. How you gonna have 3 try’s to tie or win an game and still fail

  4. Why did the last clip end like that😡

  5. Before I watch this the cal stanford big game better be on this


  7. Back in the 80's WVU beat Penn State by intercepting a pass with the lead with about 20 seconds left. The fans rushed the field, and since WVU had the lead, now with the ball, the officials ended the game with 20 seconds left lol

  8. College football is trash only real professional nfl is worth watching cause they play better

  9. Iron Bowl 21 is calling for you to update this.

  10. BYU: loses to Utah and fans storm the field
    BYU: reload save game

  11. Just a few of many reasons the fans need to keep their fat backsides in the stands. Storming the field as if they had actually achieved something themselves.

  12. As someone that doesn't watch college football regularly, is this a common occurrence? Are fans really that fucking dumb?

  13. All I'm here for is the team with the fans rushing to be the ones ending up losing the game…. does that make me a horrible person?

  14. Pete Carroll should’ve ran the ball again in the super bowl

  15. It’s not over videos the ones that are losing are supposed to win not lose

  16. #5 getting wrecked three different times at the end 😂

  17. Ah, I really wanted overtime so they could rush the field a few more times.

  18. The refs: hands BYU the game 3 times
    BYU: looks at the game and chucks it out the window

  19. I just realized I live less than 1 mile away from byu 🤯

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  21. Even as a college coach Pete Carroll gave fans aneurisms

  22. Fans be like how much times do I have to storm the field

  23. Jeez that kicker probably should have transferred for safety reasons after that.

  24. I still have no idea why Texas didn't fair catch that. A hail mary is far more likely than a hook and ladder.

  25. And the next week after Tech wins here, my sooners absolutely dismantle them. It was 42-7 at halftime and I think it was 63-14 final

  26. definitely watched this at a bdubs in vegas during a knights game. wasn’t even on the main screen, even during this chaos

  27. These fans and students are idiots sometimes. Look at the clock retards

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