College Football "Video Game" Moments -

College Football “Video Game” Moments

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A compilation of College Football Moments that appeared to be straight out of a video game. This includes insane hurdles, nasty jukes, hit stick trucks, and downright weird plays that look more like a video game glitch than reality. For those of you who have enjoyed the NCAA 14 over the years like myself, many of these play might look familiar. If you have any other plays in mind let me know in the comments! Also feel free to leave suggestions for future College Football compilation videos. Enjoy!

Part 2:

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  1. Why the Kansas WR wanted a pi call tho😭😭

  2. 2:13 Holy shit LOL that dude caught air, honestly looked really cool

  3. Why tf would they take a safety when all the team would need was a field goal to tie them😂 That was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

  4. 5:53 the receiver 100% went out of bounds and came back in. Idk if that was called in the game, but he should have been ineligible at that point

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  6. That Cal v Ohio State clip was sick! Like three spins and break away for a touchdown.

  7. I know Johnny football did all sorts of shit in college but good Lord the second one wasn't the luckiest thing in the entire world that that didn't end up in an interception

  8. Yo what's up with the guard who is AFK. Dude didn't move for the entire play lol

  9. The Michael Vick clip looks like it was filmed during the Vietnam war era. Makes me feel old as shit. FML. Lol

  10. 3:23 that poor guy jumped up thinking he had the sack only to realize dude glitched the ball into the air for a touchdown.

  11. 3:24 #33 celebrating what he thought was a sack. Turns around and is like “nah wtf happened” lmao

  12. Why on earth was Oklahoma State trying to do a lateralrooskie (is there a better term for that kind of thing?) while up by 11 in the third quarter against 1-5 Kansas?? All it would've taken was one dropped lateral and Kansas would've had a chance to at least get it back, or worse, scoop it and bring it all the way in. It worked out for them in the end but that's such a stupid risk

  13. I find you lack of Quinton Flowers disturbing

  14. Looking back, the things Manziel did were pretty insane

  15. Let's see Arkansas' "Hunter Henry's Heave" vs Mississippi in 2015!

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  17. There's not enough laterals in college or pro football.

  18. Some of these highlights aren't really "video game" moments, but just really crazy plays. To me a video game moment is a nearly unbelievable or perfect play. The plays were the ball carrier is running away from everyone, the perfect lateral plays, the 50 yard bombs or cross field passes – those are video game moments. The crazy plays are those where the ball is bouncing from hand to hand. Perhaps the programmers have written that into video games, but that might be more luck than we as video game players would want to deal with.

  19. The auburn georgia touchdown was one of my first memories of college football, a classic

  20. Props to the announcer who knew what button it was in madden

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  22. I’ve seen a lot of football in my time and I’ve seen several players hurdled and lots of tag-in-a-phone-booth juke moves, but I’ve NEVER SEEN (@3:20) a flipped upside down QB also flip the ball for a TD.

  23. 8:31 why was #7 from CMU running around acting like he did something 💀

  24. I love at 6:57 how the coach on the other team throws him a quick high five like, "yeah you just murdered my defense, nice one kid."

  25. Why aren’t there any Bishop Sycamore highlights on here?

  26. Funny thing is, none of this stuff happens in video games

  27. How did anyone think manziel would be a good qb in the nfl? Guy just lobbed it up there for anyone

  28. the national championship game in eLEVEN DAYS

  29. im surprised by all of the manziel moments there were. too bad it didnt work in the nfl

  30. Im surprised Joe Burrow's whole season wasn't its own video game moment, he put up numbers you'de see in NCAA video games lol!

  31. I know people are sad Johnny Football never made it in the NFL – but his college days were so special maybe that's the legacy he was designed to leave.

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