College Football "You Cost Us The Game" Moments -

College Football “You Cost Us The Game” Moments

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College Football moments when a player makes a game losing mistake or penalty that costs their team the game.

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  1. I went to that Boise state game. Was a very good game with lots of points scored. Such a tough loss in the end. Should have won it.

  2. I'm sorry but missing under 40 yards is just sad. Like 35 yards should is something I feel should be makable all day I mean your already kicking that range in middle and high school you should have that as muscle memory at that point

  3. To be fair to all of the kickers… If the game comes down to your one single kick, the rest of the team failed all game – not you in the end (even though you're the only one making highlight reels at that point…)

  4. Everybody wants to blame the kicker. If you all would have played better, it wouldn't come down to the kicker.

  5. 2:35 Joe Buck, somewhere : I’ve felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if a disgusting act was just committed.

  6. I don't think having to kick a 40+ yd field goal in college is a "you cost us the game"

    You have to be a dipsht fat couch potato to think that.

  7. Those shoes Notre Dame are wearing in the first game look like something Elton John or RuPaul would wear

  8. That Mississippi State / South Alabama game was a fucking nightmare. Everyone was so confused. However, the end of the 2019 Egg Bowl was straight out of a movie. We were thanking Elijah Moore all night 🤣

  9. that extensive celebration thing was ridiculous, just a salty ref

  10. There's no "I" in team…a loss is a team loss

  11. Only one you missed was Kyle Brotzman in like 2011. BSU v Nevada

  12. First off, get rid of the female broadcasters. 2nd, should have included the jake locker penalty the cost Washington an extra point against B.Y who. 3rd. Get rid of XY broadcasters.

  13. Unsportsmanlike conduct is such a lame penalty. They’re grown men, who cares if they’re nice to each other?

  14. 13:20 I don’t think a missed 48 yarder in the snow should count as costing your team the game

  15. WAAAAY to many field goal tries in this video. Not much of a "cost us the game" situation really. I stopped watching before the end.

  16. tbh watching the holder, or just any teammate, immediately going to comfort the kicker is a beautiful sight

  17. Jamie Winston lmao they win and he’s acting like someone just fd his car up in the parking lot

  18. giving up 49 points to Easter Washington and the blaming the kicker for not hitting a 45+ field goal is crazy

  19. Most of these are kickers under pressure with an over 45+ try. Come'on. That didn't cost anybody anything. Like Greg Bradley said. If it comes down to that for your team to win it? Then you didn't do anything right before that. Paraphrasing Vince Lombardi.

  20. my dad went to notre dame so i was a huge fan. the first clip hurt so badly; florida state usually kicked our butts when they had jaybo and i thought we pulled it out for a second, until the flag came out.

  21. Offensive pass interference is a 20-yard penalty?

  22. I’ve never seen sickness like that coach watching the kick😂

  23. 2:36 Elijah Moore may have costed us the game, but he saved the program.

  24. Ol Miss got robbed…I remember that bullshit

  25. The reason most of these kickers never played/will play in the NFL isn't cause they aren't good kickers. Is cause they can't handle having 4 250+lb dudes flying at their acl with the same consistency. Not judging, I couldn't either.

  26. 2:27 Excessive celebration is the dumbest thing ever and should get taken out of the rule book.

  27. Clearly posted by someone who's never kicked

  28. This is just a boring compilation picking on kickers. There, saved you time. This video is a perfect example of why we need the dislikes count back.

  29. Unsportsmanlike conduct has to be the dumbest penalty ever why does that shit exist

  30. That Marco Wilson play was one of the dumbest plays I’ve seen in a long time

  31. The Syracuse game is just sad like bro use your brain

  32. As soon as Moore did that crap, I turned to my brother in law in the stadium and said "he's about to shank this thing"

  33. Screwing up once in a big play is rough. TWICE? Brutal

  34. I mean, some of these are hard. 52 yards is not easy

  35. Too many of these plays were missed field goals.

  36. Should do almost all of Nebraskas last season. Adrian Martinez fumbling the ball, throwing interceptions during really close games.

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