College students chant "F- Joe Biden" at several school football games | John Bachman Now -

College students chant “F— Joe Biden” at several school football games | John Bachman Now

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College students at several different schools were recorded chanting in unison “F— Joe Biden,” expressing their distaste for the 46th president and his administration. Newsmax’s John Bachman Now panel reacts.

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  1. Creepy Joe and Crazy Kamala, both are killing our Country!
    We want Real President Trump!

  2. I like this fight song! He deserves every bit of his face

  3. Maybe just maybe the college darlings are waking up.

  4. Everything Trump did was good for the USA people.

  5. Racist white privilege kids. When they mixed sports with politics.

  6. You people have to quit citing deaths in general as covid-19 deaths. It's pathetic.

  7. The students are right they will be the ones who suffer for no reason,they should go after the leftest in colleges period

  8. Fffffffff J. Biden. He is Satan personified.

  9. It’s really hard being a snowflake and wasting an afternoon watching football and engaging in illegal beer drinking…….WEARING A MASK. I’m a Trumper, but these kids are useless. Grow up, get a job, pay taxes, you wanted free tuition. Now you have what comes along with that. Stop your bellyaching and think before you vote next time.

  10. Sick dictator Biden is the worst of the worst leaders of the World and America…!!!

  11. If they do not like it then don’t vote for him and learn that you have to do your research when you vote .most people don’t care and vote anyway and make bad derisions

  12. Yay! This is what America thinks of this FAKE AND SICK ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION! I can proudly say we all voted for Trump!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

  13. but….. most popular person ever….. ha ha ha

  14. this is so refreshing!! the entire biden administration should resign

  15. LOL…You don't have to approve of the language…its called "free speech"!

  16. Right wing propaganda! Trump was booed louder at the world series

  17. I hope and pray that President Trump comes back and straighten out everything that Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden has done to our country Biden is a disgrace to our country We Want President Trump Back #WeLoveTrump

  18. So awesome to hear so many voices rise up in protest against this farce of a president, especially on these increasingly Woke, leftist college campuses. However, I must say, hearing these chants on national tv, with the best word bleeped out, is pretty boring, like watching My Cousin Vinny on cable!

  19. Yes MORE YOUNG conservatives in the forefront!! Our younger generation needs to see their own kind standing up for truth to model themselves!!

  20. Why not punish Joe biden administration for the Afghanistan failure?

  21. I say this Everyday when I go to Buy something ! Whether it’s Gas , Grocery’s or something for the House or Family ! America Is Sick of this Uncaring , UnAmerican and UnConstitutional Buffoon ! People are Not going to tolerate this Crap from him Anymore ! He Deserves NO RESPECT ! Because he Gives None !

  22. Worst president in history, sent a Chinese spy back. But he's focus is on the one border patrol on a horse. The crisis he started.

  23. And if he forces us, what will we do about it?

  24. Yea old Biden is creating more Trump supports than Trump which is a good thing!!!!!! If you can’t make it in America this day and time it’s not America’s fault there’s something wrong with the idiots that blame everybody else for there own bad choices!!!!! Some people just aren’t that intelligent!!!!!

  25. I quit listening to some of these so called news media’s for the same reason I don’t drink water out of a toilet cause they are full of sittttttt!!!!!!!!!! Clinton news network and the rest!!!!!! Go Patriots!!!!!!!! Let there voices be heard Americans will fight when they are pushed to far!!!!! This is what our forefathers warned us about and why they wrote the first and second admendment in the Constitution!!!!! You can’t have one without the other!!!!!! Idiots can’t even get out of a war without getting Americans killed!!! And if it’s such a health hazard with COVID why are unvaccinated carriers still flooding across our border!!!!!!

  26. All the freighter ships just sitting off California (500k) containers I heard is spreading……. people r getting worried

  27. It's not just at colleges. The vast majority of the country know he's a moron. Even the gullible Democrats that voted for him can now see what we were saying the whole time.

  28. Ballot stuffer Biden did not win. His agents in the DNC just mailed in phony ballots.

  29. It’s Biden’s own fault. He hid the memo Bc he refuses to forgive student loans.

  30. Worst administration ever in American history! FJB!!!

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