Colts vs. Ravens Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Colts vs. Ravens Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. The Colts kicker needs better glasses, LMFAO.

  2. Colts were robbed. Lamar fumbled at the one that didn’t get called. Bs.

  3. You don't often see a kicker actually lose the game for a team that many times

  4. They were picking on Averett the entire game..straight up abusing him lol


  6. Ravens need to sit 23# down worst cornerback ever they really picked on this guy all game

  7. Lamar Jackson unbelievable 😳 👏
    Beast Mode!!!!💪🤎

  8. 9:50 I hate when the announcers outright lie. He's clearly throwing it backwards. 😂 The video that you're seeing… actually the opposite happened. Wtf?

  9. Andrews the truth. Best game ever ! Lamar Jackson amazing

  10. Ravens got saved but the Colts' terrible kicker

  11. Ngl Lamar did his thing ima chargers fan and we play the ravens tomorrow I feel if we can contain Lamar to Under 80 yards rushing and don’t let him throw for more than 3tds we can win if we give up a rushing touchdown from Lamar that’s fine we just can’t let him throw for 3 touchdowns


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  13. I swear this gives me flashbacks to the beginning for the season where they asked Lamar if he thinks they figured him out. Yea i doubt it

  14. @8:57 wow! What a play. Refs botch another call. That's supposed to be a touchdown.

  15. Is it me or is Lamar Jackson not running enough compared to his mvp season pls correct me if I’m wrong

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  18. There's nobody more fun to watch than Lamar Jackson.

  19. What a waste. Fell asleep and the tape wasnt even 1/3 over ….

  20. Colts D in da first half: lights out!

    2nd half and OT: we’re gonna head out

  21. i'm a cardinals fan and i think its gonna be us and the ravens in the super bowl tbh

  22. Guys, I don't know much about American football but I got the impression that the way Jackson throw his balls, "soft-fast" and precise at the same time make it easier for the receiver to catch it. Is that correct? Appart for that, it's the second time I watch the Highlights…

  23. All I ever try to do is protect all quarterbacks I do not play defense if I have a defense of player that catches an attitude with me he will sit on the bench and he will not play the rest of the game and I will take a loss

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  25. But if you pick a fight with me I’m gonna finish it

  26. I just remember the way it was back then in the world is not the way it was back there in about 5 to 7 years ago

  27. I don’t really care, All I know is there are a lot of mean people in this world and football is not the way it used to be he scores a touchdown cool the other team scores a touchdown cool now you score a touchdown that’s good then the other team scores then the other team scores then the other team scores that is having fun

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  29. And from what I see the world is broken into millions of pieces in it it’s gonna take a miracle to fix it

  30. You people are mean and I hope they don’t ever play football again and close the door to the wwe

  31. if you think your having a bad day, imagine being the colts kick punter guy

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