Could PES 2022 Be The Best Football Game Ever? -

Could PES 2022 Be The Best Football Game Ever?

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Today we’re going to be looking forward to PES 2022 and discussing the reasons why this could end up being the best football game ever released.

It feels like a real make or break year for Konami, and there are some strong reasons to feel excited, including the new Unreal Engine, the redevelopment of Master League, and the dawning of a brand new console generation.

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  1. Video : Could pes 2022 the best football game ever ?Pes 2022: Worst rated football game on steam ever

  2. lol, the new presentation for "pes 2022" is so good right?

  3. The PES 2021 is currently very good with an old fox engine that hasn’t been upgraded in a long time or is already obsolete. But I think PES 2022 is big boom and will be very close to realistic football.

  4. Pes 2022 will be alot more different then pes 2020 and pes 2021 like the game changed in pes 2020 the animation when opening a pack will change thats why it took days for pes 2020 to be ready in 2019 and it will take ages for pes 2022 to release when pes 2021 is over

  5. The 1st releases on PS3 and PS4 were pretty bad actually. I’m hopeful, but Konami really f’ed up the last 2 console generation debuts.

  6. They will if they have all the license, I'm tired of looking up mods to play PES

  7. Every year up to now EA have managed to stay ahead of Konami, but they are getting lazier and their game is more broken than ever…

  8. They better make, hair, kit, facial muscles and body muscles move, also players breathing and sweat… Also managers and team on sideline and their reactions would be great during game

  9. When PES 2021 first came out it didn’t feel like just an update because the responsiveness was greatly improved and passing was improved but then with each update it gets closer and closer to being the exact same game as last year (with a few less stadiums). Konami for some reason likes to ruin their games with their updates.

  10. if they don't risk they can't be great, if they change all the mode, details realistic like fifa and full license may be 🤷‍♂️

  11. Actually the Shootingstar and Pasing Animationsfilm already look better than fifas animations

  12. Wouldn't trust those clowns making a board game

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