COVID-19 chaos causes NFL to move three games | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports -

COVID-19 chaos causes NFL to move three games | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Following the NFL’s postponement of three games due to COVID-19, Mike Florio and Myles Simmons ponder if the measures will be effective and discuss what the league’s next steps should be. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL
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COVID-19 chaos causes NFL to move three games | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


  1. Joe Biden really shut down the virus. Way to go Joe Biden. Blamed trump for deaths under his watch. Time to pay the piper joe

  2. These games should have never been moved. Like you mentioned, things could get worse for these six teams. And then what? The league knew this was a possibility. And what do they do? Add another game to the season. “Player safety” 😂. It’s all about the 💰💰💰💰

  3. Testing was always suppose to be the first line of defense. Till some idiot thought testing made them look bad!

  4. Broncos didnt have a fucking qb last year. How is this fair?

  5. Why are they playing two of the games at the same time? Bonkers! 👎

  6. Case numbers are irrelevant if they are not accompanied by severe illness, hospitalizations and deaths.

  7. I'm a Chief's fan, and we can all THANK Baker Mayfield, for calling out the hypocrisy in the covid bull-sh!t world, that affects the nfl…the guy has a BACKBONE!

  8. Gee, almost all who are testing positive are vaccinated. Could it be the vaccines are part of the problem? Are immune systems being compromised in some ways by the vaccines? Short changed if you will. Science works by asking the hard questions. The current environment says “Shut up and get vaccinated!”

    The man who invented the PCR test in the 1980’s won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Decades ago he said that Tony Fauci was merely a bureaucrat and that he was also a terrible scientist. Bet you also didn’t know that the man who invented the system which is supposed to identify and replicate stretches of DNA also said the test should never be used to diagnose disease. Yet that is being done.

    Omicron hasn’t yet proven to be deadly, but that means nothing to the Tony Fauci’s of the world. He mixes science with social agendas and politics and has repeated done so. I haven’t trusted him for decades. Why do you again?

  9. Where was Tretter when the broncos were forced to roll a WR out at QB last year? 🤔

  10. All this bs about “protocols” is just that bs. It is all about the $$$$$.

  11. Its also not fair for the teams that have some of their best players out. I.E. the dolphins

  12. The NFL is just proving how wishy-washy their rules are. The rules of the game of football are so wishy-washy it's like they want everyone to be confused and then they can decide how to interpret their own rules on any given play…thats not a challengeable play…he didnt make a football move, he didnt have complete control…the ball moved here..the ball moved a fraction there…and on and on. So it's no surprise they start making more wishy-washy rules, so again, they CONFUSE and have complete control over the COVID issue.

  13. This is ridiculous let them play. Jordan gets worshipped for playing with the flu they’re not injured

  14. I'm sure glad the vaccine slows the spread…. who would've thought you couldn't vaccinate a cold……

  15. Come on NFL show your commitment to the players health and welfare and just test all players and coaches and staff for the bug before any games this weekend, im sure the tv networks and Vegas, along with the betting sites, wouldnt mind that at all because its all about health and safety

  16. DANG! Its because of all those fans chanting LGB without masks.

  17. The Amish welcome super spreaders of this virus, because herd immunity is reached more efficiently!!!

  18. how is that 99% vaccine rate working for the NFL and other sports leagues?

  19. To do the right thing is to point out the fact that vaccinated people are testing positive

  20. The NFL started a bad president. Teams, players and coaches that are being irresponsible should just have to forfeit. If neither team can can field a team then both take a draw. In the past several weeks I was very surprised at the number of very high paid starting QBs that refused to get vaccinated. If that is their choice fine, but then take the responsibility to protect the team and other people. Unacceptable. Very bad president and failure to fulfill their positions as role models for our young people.

  21. So I might have lost my fantasy because of this

  22. Miles has no idea what he’s talking about and sounds like a politician.

  23. So the vaccinated are the super spreaders because they're not getting tested every day period, the unvaccinated is saving yall by getting tested and going into quarantine so they don't spread it, but the vaccinated get to walk around all week and could have it and be spreading it before they find out they have it,yall failed trying to shame the unvaccinated folks.

  24. Oh y’all were shaming Arod for potentially giving Covid to others because he was unvax now you want all the positive Covid guys to play!!! Unbelievable

  25. Nfl giving the rams handouts. They want LA to win so bad.

  26. Apparently everyone's dead or on a Ventilator except you and me and everyone we know.

  27. I thought they all were required to get the shot? When will normal people start asking questions..

  28. With 96% vaccinated rate how can the NFL have so many testing positive. The NFL was going to be the " Golden example " of how well it works. You need to vaccinated but it does not prevent or stop the spread. Pharma and media are not reporting that it is not effective but get another booster and 6 months again. Wish health for everyone…

  29. A lot of “breakthroughs”😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  30. คุณปล่อยให้ไอพวกโรคจิตพวกนี้ใช้อำนาจเครื่องโทรจิตทำร้ายคนอื่นได้ยังไง วันๆมันเอาแต่ทำร้ายจิตใจคนอื่นไปทั่ว สร้างปัญหาให้กับโลกมาตั้งหลายปี พวกท่านไม่มีความสามารถในการควบคุมปัญหาเลยหรอ คนอื่นเค้าต้องมาเดือดร้อนกับอำนาจที่พวกท่านสร้างขึ้น วันๆแมร่งเอาแต่ความต้องการทางด้านอารมณ์ของตัวมันเอง ไม่สนใจชีวิตของคนอื่นเลยว่าจะเกิดปัญหาอะไรบ้าง ดูชีวิตครอบครัวผมเป็นตัวอย่างได้ คนรักถูกทำร้าย ลูกก็ต้องพลัดพรากจากกัน ครอบครัวก็ต้องมาโดนสะกดจิตและถูกทำร้าย ทรมานอยู่ทุกวัน ไหนจะผมอีกที่โดนทรมานและถูกทำร้าย ทั้งร่างกายและจิตใจอยู่ทุกวันและทั้งวัน ท่าพวกท่านควบคุมสถานการณ์ไม่ได้ ก็เปลี่ยนผู้นำใหม่เถอะครับ โลกจะได้ไม่วุ่นวาย

    มันหาวิธีฆ่าผมอยู่ทุกวัน แต่มันยังประกอบหลักฐานมารายงานปกปิดความผิดมันไม่ได้ มันก็ใช้งานผมไปก่อน แล้วแต่ละที่ที่มันใช้งานผม มันให้ผมไป้จอแต่อันตราย เสี่ยงตายอยู่ทุกที่ เพื่อที่จะให้เกิดเป็นเหตุการณ์ธรรมชาติ ซึ่งมันจะได้เอามาอ้างว่ามันไม่ได้ทำผิด

  31. Why do people think when you get the vaccination that they cannot get Covid. Every year people get the flu shot but doesn’t mean they don’t get the flu. Vaccination only keep the severity of the symptoms down and can save your life. Why don’t people understand that.

  32. Packers were punished in the kc game that the packers would have destroyed kc. Nfl is nothing more than a entertainment company

  33. Have to say Florio is becoming one of my favourite journalists, wish he would give opinions on other sports… especially European football (soccer)

  34. WTF in NFL is talking about integrity? That's a F**king Joke! When they donated to Defund the Police causes?

  35. So unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers is doing just fine…😂😂. I pray an unvaccinated quarterback wins the Super Bowl.

  36. The NFL should refund tickets for fans that paid for a play off potential game for current pre season game

  37. This week's postponed NFL games is brought to you by pfizer!

  38. Miles is absolutely the worst contributor to PFT. His arguments are basically a Google search.

  39. AARON RODGERS starting to look like genius

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