COVID-19 chaos causes NFL to move three games | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports -

COVID-19 chaos causes NFL to move three games | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Following the NFL’s postponement of three games due to COVID-19, Mike Florio and Myles Simmons ponder if the measures will be effective and discuss what the league’s next steps should be. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL
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COVID-19 chaos causes NFL to move three games | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


  1. Goodell thinks the va$ed can't spread the faucivirus.

  2. Can’t wait to see what the NFL will do in mid January when the whole league has it.

  3. It's "post truth America" due to people like Mike Florio

  4. HOW ARE THOSE VACCINES WORKING OUT????? NOT very well are they? This in the over 90% vaccinated Pro Sports teams!

    And don't fucking blame the unvaccinated who are tested daily!!

  5. The NFL took a hard line against teams postponing games and it failed. Not only is the Delta Varient out there but the Omicron Varient is out there. Teams, players affected.

  6. Those vaccines you always whine about must be really working, Eh Florio?

  7. How many players were vaccinated over six months ago? Boosters are effective against the omicron variant based off studies. It’s like we refuse to let doctors/scientists lead us out of this pandemic

  8. NFL looking real rigged after a move like this. Especially when no other games have been postponed for Covid issues all season

  9. Easter Sunday SB, how does that sound? This is not goin to get any better until the spring, hey why not? We may not hav baseball till the summer at this rate they are goin in

  10. Florio should really disclose that Pfizer paycheck 🤡

  11. Browns helmet in the background, I’m sure that has nothing to do with his opinion 😂

  12. What happened Florio ? You ran your mouth with Eisen about the games……F..idiot.

  13. They are moderating truth comments.

  14. The league bumped up the raiders game last year when the raiders had a big outbreak. Its the inconsistency and changing the rules mid season thats the issue.

  15. Face facts Florio you ran your mouth and got busted….what else is new and by the way obviously infected players are infecting others……

  16. Dudes are defending vaccines despite most people being vaccinated getting covid.

  17. Cleveland Guardians Minor Leaguer Andres Melendez dies "suddenly" at the age of 20.

    🎶And I say, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what's going on?🎶

  18. Funny how the Browns got special treatment last yr too!

  19. Who would have thought people get sick when winter is near.

  20. Sounds like every day testing may have been a better idea than the vaccine mandate… Testing vaccinated players once per week seems to be the problem.

  21. Its a RAW DEAL for eagles raiders Seahawks who did their part and now penalized for it now Seahawks and eagles have a short week for NEXT WEEKS GAMES

  22. can we have a death toll of NFL players please next week? alphabetical order please

  23. The NHL has Emergency Goalies on call. They don’t move games because their best players can’t be used

  24. So lame that they are willing to move these games when they wouldn’t for the Broncos.

  25. Hahaha fully jabbed and moving games.

    How strange.

  26. mental gymnastics here lmaooo, its pretty evident, remember when the Raiders' game was moved UP instead last year when their whole O-Line had covid against the Buccs? Of course you don't, Floorio only said it was 1 guy kek.

  27. Myles… it’s not that reporters don’t want to spend unnecessary time in a hotel…they don’t want to spend unnecessary time…in CLEVELAND!!

  28. Move games to NFL Network so people have to spend money to watch,and the virus will do away

  29. Why is the Seahawks-Rams game on Tuesday being played at 4:00 PM instead of 5:00 PM? Does anyone know? Someone please reply!

  30. How come your jabs haven't protected you?

  31. The NFL wants big games with big names. Sending out the 2nd or 3rd stringers isn't going to make for exciting TV! It's obvious this will happen, it's ALL about business!

  32. They play on Tue then play again sun? How’s that fair?

  33. Even with Los Angeles and Seattle being moved, it doesn't make a difference Sean Mcvay is 7-3 against Seattle.

  34. Weird. I was told all these shots mitigate spread. The NFL is 97% vaxxed. Please explain since y’all been pushing them boosters. Why are all the vaccinated people getting this and spreading it?

  35. Joe Biden really shut down the virus. Way to go Joe Biden. Blamed trump for deaths under his watch. Time to pay the piper joe

  36. These games should have never been moved. Like you mentioned, things could get worse for these six teams. And then what? The league knew this was a possibility. And what do they do? Add another game to the season. “Player safety” 😂. It’s all about the 💰💰💰💰

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