Cowboys vs. Chargers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Cowboys vs. Chargers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. While you guys watch Roman brwad and circuses, your state is preparing nice Camos to put people in, under the guise of CV19. WAKE UP!

  2. Bullshit calls. They still mad from the Thanksgiving gAme.

  3. They took 2tds from us it’s cool tho we gone see den boyz again⚡️⚡️💪🏾boltz up

  4. Ok. I must be hella high. I was thinking that rivers looked good.

  5. Chargers won this game. Refs robbed em off 2 separate touchdowns with the second being total BS.

  6. Cowboys beat the chargers they're officially better than the raiders lol

  7. Chargers wanna say 2 Tds were taken away. If you believe that then….Cowboys weren’t even playing with all their starters. Game shouldn’t even have been close. Sorry, not sorry.

  8. Cowboys are the only team to have beaten the Chargers so far this season….. chargers defeated the Chiefs and undefeated Raiders back to back weeks after losing to the Cowboys. It made them better for it (losing to the Cowboys)….

  9. Wow at the end it sounded like a home game for the Cowboy's. They must have alot fans that showed up that day took over the stadium.

  10. 4:53 Looks almost like a video game to me. As well as 7:43. I think the sun just makes it look so crisp and beautiful. Glad Herbert is fitting into the NFL.

  11. Both these teams are FUCKEN INSANE 💯🏈

  12. Great seeing the Cowboys win their first home game!

  13. Coming back to this game to see how the Cowboys did it .. chargers are legit too.

  14. There's nothing special or elite about Herbert.

    Just the media darling of the moment.

    He throws interceptions media acts like it never really happened.

    Jackson throws interceptions…
    Media questions whether he should be a QB.


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  16. Esa dupla de corredores de mis Vaqueros que sigan así por favor

  17. You can clearly see at the 1:12 mark why Jaylon Smith was released. He was one of the main reason the Cowboys were bad in run defense!

  18. Greg zurlin could have made that feild goal by 63

  19. Dallas will go 13-3… And lose to Green Bay in the playoffs again.

  20. The miniature cirrus delightfully peck because bomb acly obey failing a venomous sampan. dapper, callous bakery

  21. Congratulation Dallas. Your guys played very well and drive against Chargers shoulder by shoulder. GG Chargers, you guys just had a bad luck.

  22. Imagine how much more exciting this game would be if the refs didn’t ruin it.

  23. Herbert threw an atrocious pick at the end of the third. 22 was wide open out of the back field. He’s gonna be sick when he watches the tape

  24. I think this game was fixed bullshit calls

  25. Did they call the pass interference on a running play that kept the Cowboys first drive alive? Also, the receivers did it even look like they were more than 5 yards down the field. This game was difficult to watch with the referees throwing flags at moments that completely change the game numerous times. They gave the Cowboys this game.

  26. They took away 2 td’s from Justin Herbert … terrible could have left it alone calls … calls that wouldn’t have made a difference on the outcome of the play … and how did the chargers lose yards and a down when justin Herbert wasn’t sacked …. Terrible

  27. The Cowboys biggest weakness is coaching in the secondary, and the linebackers in coverage. They are above average against the run and generate a great pass rush.

  28. Adderly made more tackles in this game himself than all the linebackers combined it felt like man he’s great.

  29. If the cowboys keep playing like they play than they might go somewhere ( I mean playoffs) who knows. Even tho they lost the first game look how they performed.

  30. lol 3:02 Pollard made both of the charger teammates bump into each other

  31. That play before halftime the cowboys would of been on the best play of the season Already in week 2


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    King James Version
    10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

  33. Typical cowboys getting saved by the refs. Two TDs called back on penalties completely irrelevant to the outcome of the play

  34. What in the world was that penalty for an illegal shift that took away Cook's TD? They call it on 84 and is he even on the field? that's bad man…

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