Cowboys vs. Patriots Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Cowboys vs. Patriots Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. its crazy how the patriots let the game slip out of their grasp twice!! all they had to do on that 2nd and 15 with 2:33 seconds left on the game clock, was run the ball, then grab a first down under the 2 minute mark. but they still threw the ball. The blown Diggs coverage also screwed the patriots, they scored too fast with too much time left on the clock for Dak to come back and tie the game to go into overtime. honestly I don't know what Belichick was thinking, he had 2 huge opportunities to win the game and blew it!

  2. Patriots just are not the same without Tom Brady.

  3. I done watch this highlight like 3 times nd I'm not even a cowboy fan

  4. 5:20 that’s gotta be the best hit on a QB without a flag I’ve seen in a LONG time

  5. Cowboys have improved so much it is insane. and Mac Jones is doing amazing

  6. Has anyone been been to a cowboys game this year in Arlington Texas. If so are they requiring proof of covid vacination

  7. 6:34 Lol, Cowboys got payback on when the patriots blocked their punt in the 2019 season.

  8. McCarthy needs to be gone and make Moore the head coach

  9. Zeke and Pollard might be the best RB duo this year

  10. Don’t let the record fool you Patriots are playing good, Mac Jones is proving himself and is outperforming everyone picked before him. We just need to rebuild the team and then we can be a playoff contender, don’t see that happening this year or next year but we will make it to the playoffs with Mac.

  11. " Dak is a Gun Slinger" He's got a Great Arm" He just used it, When He's needy too.. Come – Back Player of The Year." Cowboys Nation I'm 😁😁😁😁

  12. So excited I went to this game! It definitely kept all of us on our toes nail biting and everything

  13. I’m not one for football my wife is a Dallas fan but that was a good game from the highlights. Good job

  14. They tried to make Mac Jones seem as if he was the greater than his nfl record Lmao,

  15. I’ll be so glad when Gallup, Gallimore, and Tank comes back

  16. 4:49 That horse collar tackle call was b.s. But, that ending was too sweet!

  17. I still worry the Cowboys are winning "despite" McCarthey and his failings will show up in the big games against better teams… pray for Dak – what a player / leader he has become!

  18. My two favorite teams are the Colts and whoever is playing New England.

  19. Dallas had to wait until Brady was gone to beat the Pats. Lmao. Always a star studded team that can never close it out at the end of a season. No championships since we had VCR's. They look great now, but watch…..get your popcorn ready. They'll find a way to blow it in the end.

  20. As a Patriots fan,I am disappointed Mac didn’t try to run out the clock.Insted,he decided to show up for the 5 people that have him in fantasy

  21. The meaty tugboat disconcertingly point because fish unequivocally look failing a protective dill. separate, unique sword

  22. Happy D-town coming thru this year but Connor Williams has gotta go

  23. What a fantastic clutch difficult catch by Cedrick Wilson on that 4th and 4 near the end of regulation! That play kept them in the game!!!

  24. Is it just me or is it the first time I've ever seen sun light at Patriots field?

  25. Dammit ………How bout tho boys !!!!

  26. It's time to utter that old phrase, "How 'bout Them Cowboys." They're playing out of their minds right now.

  27. Damn that Wilson catch on 4th down won the game!

  28. Amazing game in ot cd kamb scoring wining touch down in ot

  29. Cowboys or cardinals who do y’all got out of these 2 teams?

  30. If anyone by some crazy chance still wrongly criticizes Dak's ball placement and arm talent, hit up 8:18

    and Lamb is a PROBLEM

  31. Im seeing a very 1990s-ish looking Cowboys. A good QB, 2 good RBs, an entire spread of good TEs and WRs, a D line, and a corner who's probably going to get Defensive player of the year. If they stay healthy, they have a legit shot.

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