Cristiano Ronaldo vs Referees: Crazy Moments! -

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Referees: Crazy Moments!

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Cristiano Ronaldo the most crazy moments with referees in football. Reactions , fights , funny moments and more..

2020 Cristiano Ronaldo Dribbling Skills Goals Assists Juventus Portugal Respect Football Emotional 2021
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  2. I miss my olden days when me and my close friend Neha mese played football ⚽️in my school ground unfortunately she is not alive .I miss my best friend too much .

  3. Question why on the look of the video he has no arms?

  4. Fake bro no chance because,cr7 gives much more important to their family soo he didn't do that. But your expectation is done (more views)

  5. I am from India but I don't like Sunil chettri but I love Christiano Ronaldo the most and 1 Day he too will know me because I'm working for becaming a professional footballer I'm 12 years old

  6. He is the one who doesn't like football but likes watching football because of him. He is the living legend we love you my darling Ronaldo I really appreciate your hard work for football.

  7. I thought Ronaldo has a wife and kids so I think that’s cheating on them.

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