Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 10, 2016 FULL Game - ishmargames.com

Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 10, 2016 FULL Game

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  1. Truly a well epic game this… All the way to the end.

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  3. Two Great Teams! But the Ravens are The Best!!!!!

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  5. honestly the steelers kept going for 2 n it just backfired every time! But damn what a great game especially Le'von Bell, wow i forgot how special he was esp. as a WR!! Offensively from 2012 – 2017 the Steelers were pretty damn incredible to watch! Antonio was definately the best WR maybe 2 of those seasons? Pats really hurt the steelers from getting or winning another Super Bowl for sure least 2 of those years n maybe Peyton once but they did miss out on a possible dynasty cuz they had that potential! Just fell short every time but by inches literally!

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  9. Bruh at least wen we lose in the playoffs its by like one score oe less

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  11. Dallas D was sucky then, hopefully they're better this year

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  15. Buck and Aikman were and still are the worst commentators in football history.

  16. that last play pretty much was RIP for jarvis jones’ football career. biggest scrub pittsburgh ever drafted & thats why he is not in the league anymore.

  17. you gotta love these steelers vs cowboys games

  18. dude get your facts straight. steelers made the first 2 points.

  19. Yes we are going to the Super Bowl this year

  20. The Cowboys are on FIRE 🔥🔥
    🏈🏈🏈. Lovin it!!!! 😀

  21. The announcers talk too DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Troy likes to talk so mcu that he should get his own late night talk show. Sheese

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  25. Привет из Казахстана . Я люблю эту игру. Американский футбол.

  26. Даллас Ковбойс моя любимая команда.

  27. Очень умная, силовая, красивая игра.

  28. Нет ничего красивее тачдауна в любом виде.

  29. Это очень красиво. That's the good.

  30. Нет ничего быстрее, чем рэгби и футьол….американский

  31. Даллас Ковбойс and New Zealand teams… That's a cool. I kove two gamesm

  32. I'm sorry. I ĺove's two games – rugby and American football. It's really.

  33. I'm so glad the cowboys are good again this year.

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