Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 2021 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 2021 Game Highlights

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  1. Man Brady could play to 50 the way he's still playing. I'm giving him this high praise as a bills fan. Dude will be the goat when he retires.

  2. Brady Yells; Gronk, Brewski Red. In English= Blitz, Right. Fake the pass block to a streak equals 101 TDS between these 2.

  3. Cowboys would have won if our kicker wasn't so bad. 4 easy points that he flopped would of made that last TB fg not enough. I feel robbed by our own guy.

  4. 16:46 don’t see how that offensive pass interference wasn’t called at such a critical point of the game but then again that is Tom Brady 🐐

  5. That was offensive pass interference on Tampa at the end, that’s the only reason why they won

  6. OOOOOOOO Boy My Cowboys are comin for that Lombardi this yr

  7. damn boi, Brady is legit on fire! i write from Turkey and gotta say most highlights I've watched so far have play off quality. Will be a great season apparently

  8. It sucks such a good game was decided by refs at the end

  9. Had the kicker not missed the first two I think the Cowboys could be undefeated this year! I’m an ex field goal kicker myself, so I understand how the nerves can get to ya during a big game!

  10. Its time to trim some fat we got geitt 90# outta puerta TRADE

  11. this our year!!! but shessh how can brady not be anyone’s top 5 qb goat frr!

  12. This game was one solid game!! Very entertaining and the Bucs did come up tall 31-29 Cowboys played a great game!! And also it’s great to see Dak back on the field!

  13. God DAMN! I WISH I watched this live but I had classes 😩

  14. Cowboys do this constantly and it really bothers me – 3rd and long at the 35, it’s a pass play that Dak will inevitably get sacked and knocked out of field goal position. That down and distance, run it for 2 or 3 and then kick the stupid field goal. On this day it would have won the game.

  15. I think dak finally proved that he is a top 10 quarterback in this league

  16. Just thinking how if one more FG by Zeurlein made it, Brady wouldve needed a TD to win the game. Could they have done it? All I know is they gave the Bucs a run for their money.

  17. They say the cowboys are known for their good Rbs but they're also known for their horrible kickers

  18. If the Cowboys made that FG in the 20th second they would've won.

  19. Everyone was going for Cowboys and we showed up we came short well cowboy gon play bucks😂

  20. I watched an video on YouTube talking about Diggs being an shut down corner guarding the best WR… why wasn't he guarding Antonio Brown?

  21. Won on a push off no call and probably overflated footballs. Designed to make them go 30 feet the wrong direction.

  22. Gotta give credit where it’s due. Tom Brady has earned my respect lol

  23. Those missed field goals were the difference..

  24. Brady the greatest goat of all time besides farve one of our true superhero’s of todays generation.🥰

  25. If the cowboys won this game they would be 5-0 how crazy is that 🤩

  26. I can't wait until Gallup comes back. More offensive weapons for Dallas. This was a great season opener though!

  27. If the Bucs vs Dallas again, the Cowboys take the game. They were clearly the more dominant team here, but their kicker was a big no show. 7 points by himself

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