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DBPG: Top 5 NES Football Games

Drink a Beer and Play a Game
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Drink a Beer and Play a Game Present the Top 5 NES Football Games.

In total the NES had 8 Football Titles so we actually had a legit Top 5 List!

Below are the links for all of the listed games in the video

Touch Down Fever:
10 Yard Fight:
John Elways Quarterback:
Tecmo Bowl:
Tecmo Super Bowl:

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  1. Tecmo Bowl was in reality; Bo Jackson:Tecmo Bowl. Such a legendary component to the game.

  2. Tecmo SuperBowl was game changing omfg I still remember that initial experience. The cut scenes were so cool.

  3. I'm surprised NES Play Action Football wasn't on this list. I remember it being not only the most innovative (4 player and at an angle) but also the most fun.

  4. 10 Yard Fight and Tecmo Bowl were so damn fun as a kid. I mean hilarious 😂 So much fun for me at 5, 6yrs old.

  5. Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest football game ever made

  6. New here. Cool intro and cool channel, guys! Thanks!

  7. Good video guys, not surprised to see TECMO here, for so long I've always heard great things about it.

  8. "Funnest" isn't even a word. The phrase he's looking for is, "most fun."

  9. There are no player names in John Elway's football. Where did you get that from?

  10. Dishonorable mention: John Elway's Quarterback, NFL Football (OMG…even if you HAVE that manual, what an abortion of a game), and Touchdown Fever (basically rugby with all the laterals you can do)

    5. 10 Yard Fight (everything you said was valid)
    4. NES Play Action Football
    3. Tecmo Bowl
    2. Tecmo Super Bowl
    1. TECMO SUPER BOWL (one of the 4-5 greatest games on the NES and on the short list of the best sports games ever. SO popular that people update it to include present day teams both in the NFL and NCAA. There are all time team versions. I even saw one that had a USFL version.)

    For those who use NES emulators on their PC, check this site out for Tecmo and Tecmo Super Bowl roms that get updated faithfully by guys in the community. http://tecmobowl.org/files/

  11. I'm not really what you'd call a gamer at 48, but I like these videos about some of the games of my later teen years.

  12. Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl were so great. The only game that even comes close since, to me, is NFL Blitz! Both games didn't try to necessarily be "realistic," yet ironically both had the biggest football "feel" to them in terms of playing and fun. Somehow, the third version of Tecmo Bowl for SNES lost that somehow, despite the better graphics. Playability was not the same, which was disappointing.
    10-yard fight…ugh! Those guys were so slow! It's like every player was walking instead of running.

  13. Play Action Football should be on the list. Way more play options than Tecmo games, and definitely better than the 4/5 spots on this list.

  14. As a Canadian, i had basically zero knowledge of football. It was totally foreign to me. But I rented Tecmo Super Bowl in 1993 despite knowing 0 about the game, and I became an NFL fan and have been ever since! In fact, I became of fan of the worst team of this game to try to make a challenge of it. That team happened to be the Patriots, Pre Bledsoe, Pre Bill Parcells. Good choice in the long run. 🙂

  15. So I watched this one and your 10 best baseball games… well done! You guys are great! I subbed

  16. Tecmo Super Bowl is #1 but play action football should be in the list and high it’s way better the your 3,4, and 5 picks

  17. When i came here i ment really football not handball

  18. I remember in Tecmos you would have to hold your controller up at your face to hide your play from being picked off by wandering eyes of my buddies

  19. 10 yard fight needs to be on the list of top 5 worst games of all time.

  20. Ricky Sanders with the diving catch! Tecmo Bowl!

  21. On NES I started off playing NFL football and I handcwrote all stats on paper after every play. Then I found Play Action football which was much better and easier to play and keep stats. Finally Tecmo Super Bowl came and kept the stats for me. Life became so easy then as a child. Soon after came the Sega Genesis and John Madden Football. The rest is history!

  22. The arcade version of 10-Yard Fight is much better.

  23. I owned Ten Yard Fight, John Elway, and Play Action. I did pay Tecmo Bowl, however I didn't like it. Play Action was my favorite. I loved the angle ball field, the power that some of the players had, and the pacing felt more real. I played hours on that game, it was definitely a favorite of mine. Ten Yard Fight was cool when a friend and I figured out how to throw a 100 yard pass. Sometimes it would be intercepted halfway. John Elway was ok, but it was my least favorite of the three. My friend loved it though.

  24. I liked the glitch in the John Elway football game

  25. I would so love if you did Genesis sports games like this ! : D

  26. Tecno Super Bowl>>> any Madden Game ever.

  27. John Elway Quarterback – Highlight "Reverse Play" and then let the play clock tick down. Once it takes you to the play just hike the ball and prepare to be amazed.

  28. "I really would suggest doing it with a buddy"

  29. LOL…I had John Elway's QB. Pretty fun for the time.

  30. I’ll never forget that Hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut of tecmo football.

  31. My top five
    1 tecmo Super Bowl
    2 tecmo bowl
    3 play action football
    4 ten yard fight
    5 touch down fever
    As for John elways quarter back NFL football throw in the trash

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